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Letters to the editor for Oct. 2

I would like to comment on the affordable-housing subject City Council candidate Ted Long touched on in the Tribune the other day. I agree 100 percent with Mr. Long. We need affordable housing for the working people who want to live here in South Lake Tahoe. I have heard it said many times while living here at Tahoe: “So many people just come and go here. Nobody stays at a job for very long. It is very difficult to find good employees here in Tahoe.”

Please allow me to comment from an employee’s viewpoint. Many of the people who just come and go leave Tahoe because they can’t afford to live here. I used to live in Oklahoma, and Tahoe landlords charge more than twice as much for a two-bedroom house as what I was paying there. Rent for a one-bedroom at Tahoe is more than what I was paying for a two-bedroom house in Oklahoma.

I am earning less money here at Tahoe than I was in Oklahoma, yet rental housing is more than twice as much here. For those buying a house, costs are more than four times as much here. In Oklahoma, the house I lived in sold for $65,000. That same house would sell for more than $400,000 here at Tahoe.

Yes, we definitely need affordable housing here in Tahoe for the working people if employers want their employees to stay. I have lived at Tahoe for more than a year now but am seriously considering leaving because I can’t afford to rent my own place. In Oklahoma, I lived in a neighborhood where doctors lived. At Tahoe, I have to rent a spare room from a lady because of the high cost of housing.

Jerry Rice

South Lake Tahoe

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After watching last week’s debate, I have come to the conclusion that John McCain is a warmonger, and his sole interest in this election is revenge for the time he was a prisoner of war, and that scares me. Like the Bush family ” who are in this war to make it right for Bush Senior, who should have taken Saddam Hussein out when he had the chance ” this has become a pride issue.

The only reason the Republican Party is going along with this dangerous game that has caused extreme debt and fear to this great country is their own selfish greed ” tax breaks and more tax breaks which have benefited no one and caused most of the debt we are in, and that is shameful.

They have also voted against alternative energy because you don’t make profit from it; only the people benefit, and it would not feed their selfish greed.

When you hear the media experts, they are so muted because they also are wrapped up in selfish greed.

Barack Obama has proved by getting the ordinary people to support him that he can take on the selfish greed of this country.

It is up to you, the people of America, to put this right. I believe voting for Obama is the only chance you have.

God blessed this great country with gold, silver, oil, sunshine, water, wind and fertile land, and that is why we are the envy of the world.

So when you consider we have exhausted the gold, silver and now oil through selfish greed, do you think God will bless America? I am very concerned he won’t, and that scares me. So we need change now before it is too late.

Bruce Lawrie

South Lake Tahoe

In response to Jacqueline Brown’s letter (Tribune, Sept. 19), it looks like the letter writer drank the Kool-Aid. Here is a small sampling of Barack Obama’s experience:

— Eight years as an Illinois state senator.

— Chairman of his state Senate’s Health and Human Services Committee.

— U.S. senator.

— Member of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

— Member of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions.

— Member of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

— Member of the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on European Affairs.

— Former member of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.

— Civil rights attorney.

— Constitutional law professor.

— First African-American president of the Harvard Law Review.

— And, yes, community organizer.

While Sarah Palin continually states that she didn’t plan for a career in public service ” why is this a good thing? ” Obama has committed his working life to improving the lives of others. More importantly, Obama has shown that he has the intelligence and critical thinking skills that John McCain sorely lacks, as evidenced by his selection of Palin. It is a crucial time for our country, and we have a chance to evolve. I trust that Obama will select a skilled Cabinet ready to work on repairing the damage of the past eight years and set a tone that will encourage us to work together as a nation.

Finally, was it necessary to insult the Tribune writer? I am a former Alaskan, and last time I checked, being mayor of Wasilla was nothing to shout about.

Kim Wyatt


There is an association between quality communities and quality schools. I know this well. In recruiting health-care employees, the quality of our schools and the opportunities our schools can provide often surpass real-estate prices and cost-of-living considerations for those with children. We need quality schools to attract quality residents in health care as well as in other areas.

When communities provide their students a solid K-12 education, it allows those students to compete on equal footing with students from other areas. Ultimately, most Tahoe students compete with peers from other communities, from other states and even other countries.

Each of us should be moved to provide Tahoe children with the needed facility upgrades Measure G will provide. We also owe it to those who work in our schools to support them, and let them know that we are with them in their task.

Previous school bonds shine as community accomplishments that we can all be proud of. They have facilitated student success. The state of California is offering our community a one-time $15.4 million in funds if we demonstrate our resolve by passing Measure G. Given the state of California’s finances, this is the last likely opportunity in the foreseeable future to pass a local bond and capture state funds, and it is an opportunity to show we want a quality community. Let’s not let this match slip through our fingers. Let’s support our children and the people who teach them.

Please join me in voting “yes” on Measure G.

Gregory Bergner

South Lake Tahoe

I attended “The Great Debate” on Measure G, the school bond, and City Council candidates Sept. 24. It was not great, nor was it a debate. My main interest was Measure G, since I live in the county and cannot vote for city council members.

I went with an open mind hoping to be convinced of the need for new school taxes, since I have been outspoken against previous tax measures. My fellow voters and taxpayers, I’m more convinced than ever of the need to reject this tax madness, and with an overwhelming “no” vote on Measure G ” so they will not come back with another tax measure in the next election.

Measure G will cost more than $100 million with the interest, and the local economy cannot stand such a burden for the next 35 years. The superintendent is mainly interested in building great facilities so as to attract hundreds of new students. Where are their parents going to work and live? One school board member says lots of jobs will be created by a local construction boom from Measure G ” how naïve and unrealistic.

Every level of government wants money from the taxpayer, all the utility companies have raised their rates, trash-collection rates are going up, business is closing down, and people are losing jobs in Tahoe. One city councilman who knows something on the inside says 2,000 to 3,000 local jobs will be lost in the coming months. There are many hundreds of foreclosures in the local area, and the nation’s economy is going to get worse.

This tax increase is madness, and I call on the school board to rescind Measure G and actively campaign against it, since it is too late to remove it from the ballot.

Peter Guth

South Lake Tahoe