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Letters to the editor for Oct. 20

Do you enjoying walking along the shore of Lake Tahoe? Or maybe you love snowshoeing at the beach with your family. This Wednesday, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency is set to toss yet another free one to the wealthy and well-connected. Unless people who cherish the lake speak out now, TRPA will vote to allow 128 new piers and over 1,800 new buoys. Think at least 2,000 more boats zooming along the shore, destroying quiet enjoyment for wildlife and people.

If you like to swim or kayak along the shore without inhaling engine fumes, feeling threatened by large boats and without having to pick your way through an increasing maze of buoy chains and pier pilings, now is the time to make your voice heard. Visitors and locals alike have had enough of the “keep out” signs along the shore of our lake.

If your want to prevent further privatization of the lake, take a few minutes and send an e-mail to the TRPA Governing Board. The message is simple: No more private piers and buoys on the lake! You can speak your mind Wednesday at the TRPA meeting as well.

Send your e-mail message to Mara Bresnick, chair, and members of the Governing Board at this address: trpa@trpa.org.

David and Carla Ennis


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I am Bruce Grego’s treasurer for his campaign. I wanted to add to your campaign contribution article that appeared in last Wednesday’s Tribune.

Besides the large campaign contributions that you identified, Bruce has received during the same reporting period 61 individual contributions in amounts less than $100, with the majority ranging from $5 to $50.

We are excited about the broad support Bruce is receiving. Our supporters know that Bruce can make a positive difference.

Jennifer McLaughlin

South Lake Tahoe

I’d like to address Gia Schrauben’s letter on Oct. 14, “John McCain will lead country in right direction.” She says she’s an Independent and terrified of the direction our country is taking. I am, too, but who led us here? The Bush administration with McCain’s support. She may be an Independent but her use of “Barack Hussein Obama” tells me she’s swallowed the hard-right spin about Obama being “other.”

She asks if Obama would be someone our Founding Fathers would want leading this country. Yes! The men who founded our nation were thoughtful, deep-thinking, well-educated men. Barack Obama more than fits that mold. Listen to Obama’s latest speech on the economy. For the first time since Ronald Reagan changed the economic direction of our country by vilifying government and elevating Big Business into the unassailable position of power it now holds, Obama’s suggesting we let existing government programs – programs that would cost billions less than the tax cuts given to big corporations – create jobs. Jobs to grow our middle class. American jobs.

As far as Obama voting “present,” the facts are these: During his eight years in the Illinois Senate, he cast about 4,000 votes. Of those, 129 were “present.” That’s approximately 1 in 31 votes. “Present” is a vote that can be used strategically or as an objection. To imply Obama wasn’t doing his job is just more right-wing spin.

Is he the most liberal senator “in history”? Not even close. Is his voting record liberal? Yes, usually. Thank goodness. I want a president who is smart – really smart, who cares about the working people of this country, who has a calm temperament even in the face of crises, and someone who understands and believes in the Constitution. That’s Barack Obama, not John McCain.

Judy Williams

South Lake Tahoe

Question the coming propaganda: Measure G is an unconscionable attempt by a government agency, in the form of the school district, to waste our tax money. It is both irresponsible and reckless, considering the state of the national economy. It represents the same mentality and greed that has caused the meltdown in many parts of our financial system.

We’re told we need to do this for the children and the community – what nonsense. This is about what a few people want and their manipulation of other people so as to move their own agenda; and make themselves look good.

We already pay enough taxes. The children are not going to succeed or fail or be any better off by raising taxes. The concerned parents and motivated students out there will do just fine regardless. However, the poorly motivated and marginal parenting that gives educators the grief and frustration can’t be solved by spending money and building new facilities.

Very simply, many of the kids in all school districts do not deserve the millions of dollars spent on their behalf. By the fourth grade, well over half do not meet the definition of what a student should be, which is someone who wants to learn and study. I put this squarely in the laps of those parents and schools that allow this to happen, especially irresponsible school officials who try to cover up what is really going on, and believe me, it is not education in many cases.

To spend money on a failed system that continues business as usual is crazy. Let us not fool ourselves – all adults know what school was like; it has not changed much at all. Those who want to learn do so; others just pass time.

Peter Guth

South Lake Tahoe