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Letters to the editor, May 10

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Get all the information before picking a candidate

The competition for the seat in District Five of the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors has brought out a number of individuals from various backgrounds and with differing philosophies as to how to best serve the constituents in the District. The majority of the candidates are qualified and have the integrity to serve us well.

There is one candidate that stands out from the rest whose reputation raises questions as to her honesty. This County can ill afford to be burdened with someone of questionable character, who has, in the past demonstrated poor judgment that requires that person to be above reproach. Angela Swanson, who is in competition for the District Five Supervisor seat has, on occasion, failed to meet the test of honesty and the qualities that are necessary to do the job. Her choice to affiliate with a Marijuana Dispensary operator in the course of her duties as a City Council Member, with business before the City Council, is the example of poor judgment, not to speak of the fact that this individual was later arrested and successfully prosecuted and is presently serving a sentence in Federal Prison. More recently, in Ms. Swanson’s Statement of Qualifications she has misstated her service on the Lake Tahoe Unified School District Board of Trustees, a seat she vacated prior to the completion of the term. Her current seat on the City Council is only a portion of a complete term and by no means is it eight years. Our interest is to insure that the voters have all of the information before they choose their candidate and one that, with integrity, can deliver for the residents of the District. We should not send someone to Placerville who needs a job, but rather a qualified person who can do the job.

Dilly E. Crawford and John N. Cefalu

South Lake Tahoe

Campaign spending should be regulated

Support S.J.Res.19 and H.J.Res.20 to again allow regulation of campaign spending.

Money is not speech. Both Jefferson and Lincoln warned about the danger to the republic posed by the unfettered wealth of banks and large corporations. Their warnings have played out before us. Corporate money has corrupted the federal government. Banks have left many of the people homeless in the country their forefathers founded. What are we going to do about it?

Ralph Huntington

South Lake Tahoe

Bears need more protection

After reading the article in the Tribune in Wednesday’s paper, I just had to express my heart-felt aching for these beautiful targeted animals that surround our environment and make Tahoe what it is.

Ann Bryant, you express your concern for these bears, and I truly believed what you represented toward the bears and the BEAR League was true and real; however, I heard some disturbing information while at my second place of employment on the night of Tuesday, May 6.

It was told to me that the tourists who visit the Echo Summit area, mainly a church division and surrounding rental cabins, are permitted to feed the bears so that they can get pictures of them to share and display with their friends. This behavior occurs throughout the summer months with no infractions or punishment inflicted upon these violators.

When the summer months are over and the bears are now dependent on the human interaction with food feeding, the permanent residents up there are given permission to kill the bears as now they want more food and no one is there to feed them. The bears now break into the homes in that area in search of food.

Residents in that area who have witnessed this event and when I heard it, my heart broke. How can you allow this to take place when you preach in the paper about bear feeding and how it just opens up their death sentence?

I was also told that money talks and brains are absent from making the proper call for the protection of these bears. What is going on in the areas that are secluded, and why are these bears not being protected from the ignorance of humans?

Donna Calderon

South Lake Tahoe

Harrison Avenue trees didn’t need to be cut down

Heavenly is what brought me to South Lake Tahoe, back in 2011. The fresh waterfalls, beautiful lake, ample forests and hiking and the list goes on is why I’ve stayed. I’m originally from the Gunks, back East, people know it’s an outsiders paradise in upstate, NY. I’m writing because I’ve had 20-something jobs in my 30 years of life experience, including being a firefighter, with duties including thinning local lots here in South Lake Tahoe. I love nature in general and love living around it.

I’ve lived here for 3 years and I love and hate all the bureaucracy around Lake Tahoe. Everyone wants to get paid for a tree to get cut. Taxes, and lots of hoops to jump through! Greed has taken over the government and the environment. It feels like is suffering and nobody but a single homeowner spoke up for the trees. Thanks to all involved, but why not save more? The Harrison Ave Project killed 52 trees in the name of economic progress. I’m just quoting here, but “paved paradise and put up a parking lot”… happens everyday, my college town of Oneonta, NY., had a Walmart blow up a mountain top and put their minimum wage warehouse … all because people didn’t show up to meetings?

A 125-year-old tree can’t stand that economic impact of two or three parking spots? How do you tell a 5-year-old that? Trees are our elders and we need more people being upset that you can’t continue to rape the land like this. Trees getting cut for economic growth is not cool — no matter how you spin it. No trees are being planned for this project I was told, just landscaping. Those trees did not need any money to maintain!

Tobias Devor

South Lake Tahoe

Paid parking program doesn’t make sense

The Paid Parking and Residential Permit Programs put in place last summer don’t make sense or cents for South Lake Tahoe.

First, City Manager Nancy Kerry’s claim that the program generates $240,000 is misleading. It includes $59,000 income from the kiosks at Stateline (Bellamy Court) that are not part of Measure P and she conveniently doesn’t include the programs hefty expenses that are currently greater than the income.

Second, Kerry said that if the program is dropped there will be cutbacks in police services (no wonder the police are out in uniform passing out Measure P “information”). This is a total contradiction to what she put in the City’s May newsletter that the funds generated would be a funding source for maintenance, operations and infrastructure at Lakeview Commons and Lakeside Beach (Lakeside Beach is a privately owned public access beach that pays for all of it’s own beach operating expenses). Why would police services be cut if the funds are not going to police services?

Third, we are a mountain resort community not an urban city. Why put in place a paid parking and residential permit program — the signature of an urban community — and further tax the locals?

The program makes no money and just doesn’t fit South Lake Tahoe. It makes no cents or sense. Time for the city to just admit it’s mistake and quit spending any more tax payer’s money buying campaign adds to try to convince the voters that the city needs more money. The city just needs to stop making costly mistakes. Vote “yes” on Measure P to remove the meters.

Jack McLaughlin

South Lake Tahoe

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