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Letters to the editor, May 7, 2014

Election letters

The Tahoe Daily Tribune will accept letters regarding the June 3 primary election until Monday, May 19 at noon.

Editorial cartoon was in bad taste

I express my profound disappointment of the cartoon on the editorial page of the Tahoe Daily Tribune published May 3, which attempts to use the abortion issue as a caricature of political posture. The caricature ends up being so tremendously distasteful and insensitive. The issue of abortion is a very serious and heartfelt subject for many, no matter which side of the coin one finds oneself on. A newspaper should not use distaste and insensitivity to express opinion. I hope the editorial staff of the Tahoe Tribune recognizes its lapse in professionalism on this matter. We all have moments when a decision of ours veers off course from our normal prudent behavior. Those are the times when we must resolve to exercise more sensitivity and prudence, specifically in dealing with a topic that touches, deeply, the heart and conscience of so many people.

Rev. Benedict DeLeon

St. Theresa Church

South Lake Tahoe

Opinion cartoons were ‘nasty’

The two political cartoons on page 9 of Saturday’s May 4 paper were way nasty, especially the one at the bottom. Really, implying our president approves/accepts “Burning Aborted Babies” for power is terrible. Do you think the president approves or likes abortion? Why did you think this was an acceptable “fair and balanced” one-sided view of our president? It’s not, It’s nasty and you should be ashamed.

Jeff Stone

South Lake Tahoe

Vote for community projects

Our community has the opportunity to benefit from a Raley’s grant program that will give money to the 10 most popular projects in many regions of California. Several of our community members have submitted proposals for projects that would benefit the environment; health; or kids and at least four proposals have been made for projects at one of our schools or for the entire school district. (There are other Tahoe non-school proposals as well.)

The voting period is through May 16 (one vote each day per person). You will need to sign up on Raley’s website but it is fast and doesn’t oblige you to anything.

Here are the school-connected nominations that you can vote on:

Plant the seed for change. Sierra House Growing Dome: Year-round living lab to learn about healthy food systems, energy efficient design, ecology, health science, natural sciences; room for community partnerships. http://www.raleys.com/cfapps/reach/nomination.cfm?ideaid=3650544

Coordinated Recycle and Compost Program for South Tahoe Schools: Spread cafeteria composting to entire school district and add educational components plus links to other initiatives. http://www.raleys.com/cfapps/reach/nomination.cfm?ideaid=3650847

Water Bottle Refill Stations in schools: One station in every school in our school district. http://www.raleys.com/cfapps/reach/nomination.cfm?ideaid=3646211

From Trash to Garden: Request for a greenhouse for LT Environmental Science Magnet School. http://www.raleys.com/cfapps/reach/nomination.cfm?ideaid=3646298

Thanks for your support,

Silke Rover and Michelle McLean

South Lake Tahoe

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