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Letters to the editor, May 9

Election letters

The Tahoe Daily Tribune will accept letters regarding the June 3 primary election until Monday, May 19 at noon.

Library is tremendous asset

I urge the community to support our local library branch by voting for Measure L. The library is a tremendous resource and asset in both the materials it provides and the programs it puts on for the public. We have been fortunate to benefit from the wise decision the community made years ago to establish this additional help for the library. Please help it continue by voting “Yes” on Measure L.

Russ Dahler

South Lake Tahoe

Cartoon was in poor taste

I am a long-time subscriber to the Tribune and felt compelled with all my heart to write and let you know how appalled and ashamed I was of the my hometown newspaper for printing the highly insensitive and distasteful cartoon last Saturday regarding burning aborted babies. Not only are aborted babies unable to defend themselves, and their is so much grief and pain associated with this decision for both mother and child, that to even make a mockery in a political cartoon is unbelievable to say the least. And, I find it ironic that right underneath that cartoon, the Tribune prints a statement saying “distasteful letters to the editor will not be printed”. I’m all for free speech but printing that cartoon made me feel like the Tribune doesn’t care about “taste”. This is why our society is going downhill. Cartoons of that nature desensitize all of us to the inhumane acts that are committed everyday around the world. I sincerely hope the Tribune takes a better look at the political cartoons it chooses to print in the future.

Rachel Kallas

South Lake Tahoe

Better solution on water systems needed

On May 15 Douglas County Commissioners plan to consolidate the county’s lake water systems: ZWUD, Skyland and Cave Rock. Their plan to consolidate the existing debt is a real problem, and would not be fair or equitable.

Currently there are three separate enterprise funds, one for each water system. By state law these enterprise funds must be self-sufficient, or at least that must be there intent, within reason. The consolidation plan, however, would combine the existing debt, and make everyone in the consolidated system responsible for an even share of all the existing debt.

ZWUD residents: Not only will your rates rise the most, but you will have added debt of over $300 per household.

Skyland residents: Don’t be fooled by your rates going down a little in the short run. You will be responsible for nearly $5,000 per household in existing debt that you have not incurred and should not have to pay.

Cave Rock residents: I sympathize with your situation, but the board’s plan to pass a large portion of your debt on to others is unfair and contrary to state law regarding enterprise funds.

The board never even discussed the effects on residents of consolidating the existing debt, apparently because consolidation was the fast and easy thing to do; certainly not because it was fair or equitable. What the board is proposing is unfair to many of the residents of Lake Tahoe, and is of questionable legality. It is certainly the intent of NRS Chapter 354 that enterprise funds pay for their own costs, not that they pass them on to others, even through consolidation. The Board needs to rethink their decision and come up with a better solution, one that is fair and equitable to all involved, not just one that is expedient to the Board.

Jim Slade


Officials need to enforce ordinances to protect bears

Heavenly Bear having to live his life in captivity is outrageously sad. We bear advocates walked the street where Heavenly Bear’s trap was set by NDOW and witnessed unsecured trash cans tipped over with trash strewn everywhere. That was on Sunday and trash pickup in the area is on Tuesdays. It is no wonder Heavenly Bear settled on this street, It is rumored that he was also intentionally fed during his time at the ski area. If we humans do not rise up and demand better behavior of ourselves and our neighbors, there will be no wild bears left. We will have reduced an iconic species to being no more than trash rats. Currently Tahoe bears drawn into the human interface by mishandled attractants live one third their natural life expectancy. Bears are an indicator species for broader ecosystem health. Research on public health campaigns show that enforcement must be part of the slogan or people do not change their behavior. An example is the “click it or ticket” seat belt campaign. Will the elected officials having power to implement and enforce needed ordinances do so and will they get public support? We are watching this dynamic play out now in Incline Village who will be voting in May whether to be the first to take the needed measures. We need to “stash trash or lose cash” and start being fair to the bear.

Kathryn Bricker

Zephyr Cove


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