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Gore deserves four more

To the editor:

With the accomplishments of the Gore/Clinton administration of the past eight years, from clearing massive budget deficits racked up by former Republican presidents including George W.’s father, to unprecedented surpluses created by the guidance of this administration and other achievements including prosperity levels never achieved before, reduction of the crime rate eight years running (certainly related to the 22 million new jobs created), extending the life of Medicare for another 26 years, protecting and expanding the Social Security system, paying down the national debt, achieving difficult trade agreements with our neighbors and China, to enhancing our diversity in the federal and private workforce by supporting affirmative action and monuments of public lands set aside for future generations, the list goes on! This administration, with tremendous focus and care provided by Vice President Al Gore, accomplished these and so much more with absolutely no cooperation from the Republican Congress. As a matter of fact, the Republicans shut the government down several times, along with other obstructionist tactics including divisive and negative attacks.

For these exemplary achievements, we should be providing the Clinton/Gore team a standing ovation and Vice President Al Gore deserves an encore of four more years. We should all be on our feet cheering this man and our country into the 21st century with pride, and looking for new challenges to conquer. Let’s give Al Gore the applause he deserves for the incredible job that he has done and the votes he needs so he will continue the leadership we need for our country and the world.

John Brissenden, Sorensen’s Resort, Hope Valley

Bush and Gore show is a bore

To the editor:

Every mother’s son of you

Should hang your head in shame!

Our government is now a circus

With performing clowns by name

Engaged in a three-ring-circus tent

With extended jaws and claws!

Spewing emotional venom

To expound one’s personal flaws!

I sit in my chair intimidated

By the country that I love

Shocked by the lack of patriotism

That has grown from push to shove!

It doesn’t take much courage

For self-righteousness show

That sleight of hand with magic

Will bring ill winds to blow!

Bush and Gore, or is it Gush and Bore?

To be the chosen one, now it’s all-out war!

Oh, to leave a legacy, no matter what the cost.

So what about the accuracy or if some votes

are lost?

To be the winner, I think they’d sell their souls.

So what if everybody didn’t vote, maybe we can fix those polls.

Just hire a few more lawyers, go to every court

in the land.

They’ll be our vocal warriors, they’ll make those

numbers stand!

It seems our country isn’t really first, to them

their own ambition,

No compromise, just fight on, least of all


All together, we will survive as history is unfurled

To finally reach the long-sought verdict.

We’ve lost esteem in the eyes of the world

And resolution will come, but it won’t be perfect.

I’d like to end with a profound solution,

But maybe all we can hope for is absolution.

Betty Cowles, South Lake Tahoe

Two goons for price of one?

To the editor:

I Hope They Counted Your Vote

We the people are out of luck

The lawyers have found a new way to make a buck

The voting process is starting to suck.

If we can’t have an honest election

We’re headed in the wrong direction.

Some didn’t know which button to push

Instead of Gore, they voted for Bush.

Down in Florida they got confused

Woke the next morning, got the news.

Found instead of voting Gore for pres.

They punched Pat Buchanan instead.

So they threw 1,900 votes away,

Now they may be allowed to vote another way.

Gore hates to lose.

He said if he’s the one you choose

He could easily fill Clinton’s shoes.

Bush said he’s a moral man.

That’s what we need, don’t you understand.

There’s too much money in the surplus sack.

Bush said he would give some back.

Gore said if he had more

He would give some to the poor.

Foreign countries think we’re a dunce.

The ticket designer was out to lunch.

The whole thing is making me sick.

I really don’t care which one they pick.

Let’s get it over before New Year’s Day

Lest we have the devil to pay.

We could be in for lots of fun …

if we elected two goons instead of one.

If next time we can’t decide which candidate

To step up to the plate

If it’s not too late, we still have “Hillary” to seal our fate.

Vern Lee, South Lake Tahoe

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