Lifting the burden off taxpayers’ shoulders |

Lifting the burden off taxpayers’ shoulders

For two years the city of South Lake Tahoe has been bleeding approximately $110,000 annually to support a building in the redevelopment area that has sat vacant since it was completed as part of the mammoth construction project. It’s time to get the building filled, and producing revenue, before it becomes more of an albatross around taxpayers’ necks.

After an abandoned plan by Marriott to rent the building to use as meeting space, the consortium interested in turning it into a visitor center of sorts, may have a lead: a virtual theme park featuring a ride taking visitors on video tours, highlighting the basin’s best attributes.

At this point, any idea that moves the building into the black is a good one – whether it is a visitors’ center or convention space. The yearly expense of the building – the equivalent of throwing the money down a black hole – is not doing residents any favors. The loss means resources diverted from the things that matter, like police, firefighters and road maintenance workers. Keeping South Lake Tahoe running is the highest priority in these times of budget uncertainty.

So the focus for the transit center should be to at least reduce or eliminate the yearly expense. The upside will be a great burden lifted off all of our shoulders.