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Local psychic shares what the future may hold for Lake Tahoe and beyond (Opinion)

Longtime South Lake Tahoe psychic makes predictions for future.
Laney Griffo / Tahoe Daily Tribune

The City of South Lake Tahoe, among all lake communities, is facing a lot of uncertainty in the upcoming year.

The New Year is sure to bring change with a new city manager and fire chief possibly coming in, the raging cell tower battle, the “Loop Road” and many other issues.

The Tribune sat down with longtime local psychic Dayle Schear to get some insight on some topics on people’s minds.

Schear has been in South Lake Tahoe since 1974 and has split her time between here and Hawaii. She’s used her talents on radio and television shows, including her show, “ESP & You,” and she’s written several books, including “The Psychic Within: True Psychic Stories.”

Schear said her psychic ability is genetic, “I was born this way.” Her ability manifests through vibrations so she holds personal objects of her clients during sessions.

For this author, she held my watch.

Here are some of Schear’s predictions on various topics for 2020 and beyond.

5G — “I do believe down the line that 5G will cause cancer and tumors. However, regardless of the effects of 5G, it will still come to South Lake.”

Snow — “We’ll never lose the snow. This winter will be a typical winter but in the future, temperatures will be warmer and the snow will be slushier.”

Fires — “If there are any fires, it’ll be caused by a control burn.”

Lake Clarity — “We won’t lose any lake clarity in the coming years. I don’t care who the president is, they all are aware of Tahoe and its importance and will protect it. It will always be clear.”

Vacation Home Rentals — “AirBnb will be out of California in the next few years and eventually out of Nevada.” Schear sold her own vacation home in Hawaii in advance of rising pressures on AirBnb. She has another warning, “If you’re not permitted, they will find you.”

Cost of living — “Rents are going to keep going up.” She doesn’t see the city figuring out a solution for the issue. “If they don’t start doing more for the locals, this place will be a ghost town.”

“Property values will raise, especially on the Nevada side, but it will hit a plateau and bottom out.”

Casino Corridor — “Casinos will thrive again.” She also says Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen, “will kick ass,” and it will draw more well known chefs into the area. “A lot of activities will come to the casino corridor.”

Trump 2020 — While Schear didn’t have much to say about impeachment, she does see the possibility of President Donald Trump running again. “If he doesn’t get sick, assassinated, taken out [impeached] and if he decides to run, he will be president.”

Convention Center — “Yes there will be a convention center in the next one to 10 years.”

Plane Crash — Schear says she has foreseen several plane crashes, including the deadly 1985 crash in Reno. She sees a small plane crash soon. “Its winter, higher winds than usual.”

Schear says she does not take her gift lightly.

“It’s a hard job, its emotional, people make fun of you but the people you help love you to death,” Schear said.

In the next year, Schear is hoping to launch a podcast in which she uses her gift to help people.

“If you help one person in mankind, you help a world full of souls,” Schear said.

Schear and her husband, Blythe Arakawa, own Lake Tahoe Cigar Co. in MontBleu Resort Casino & Spa. Since 1997, the two have sold cigars and sport memorabilia.

For a reading, catch her at Lake Tahoe Cigar Co. during business hours.

For more information, visit http://www.dayleschear.com.

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