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Locals make the difference for businesses

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South Shore is not always a friend to business owners. There is a revolving door of sorts for people who try to do business here.

A few people have learned how to not have the door close for the final time and in doing so have practically become fixtures here.

It is all about finding a niche, attracting locals and keeping an eye toward responsible bookkeeping.

Several South Lake Tahoe businesses are celebrating monumental anniversaries. They are a testament that Tahoe can be a viable option for people wanting to set up shop. It shows that locals are patrons to businesses that provide quality service and quality products. It proves that it is not just the chain restaurants and stores that turn a profit and stay in business.

A restaurant is one of the most difficult enterprises to keep going. The Swiss Chalet Restaurant has been open for 45 years, Passaretti’s for 20 years and Carina’s Cafe for 10. They clearly have defied the odds.

We all know there have been lean years; this one could end up being remembered as one of them. Every year there are shoulder seasons to contend with.

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Through all of this, the owners of these establishments have plugged along. They serve good food. They treat their customers with the respect they deserve. They are setting an example that others should strive to emulate.

It is not just these three which have excelled. But they represent a diverse cross section of eateries — which only shows our culinary interests are varied.

The South Shore has been said to be a difficult area for a business to survive and thrive. It is also a community that comes together and wants to prosper. As individuals we ultimately make or break a business by choosing to give them our money.

We are a town that will never be cluttered with big box stores. Who needs them? They are not going to make house calls in stormy conditions like the folks at Scotty’s Hardware did in December.

We are a tourist town, but we are also just a town. A town dependent more on one another than we are on outsiders.

Most of us are employees and not business owners. But look around. Would you have a job if locals did not support the company you work for?

Think about that the next time you go off the hill to shop. Think about that the next time you want to go out of town for a good meal. Look a little harder. What you might need is probably at a store on the South Shore. Look a little harder, there are a variety of good restaurants here.

We are a town rich with successful businesses because we are a town full of people who care about giving our neighbors our business — not because we have to, but because they are giving us what we are looking for.