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Good health

Recently I saw the film, Remote Area Medical, that shows a portable health clinic serving the uninsured in Tennessee at the NAASCAR stadium. It was overwhelming to me watching fellow citizens get the only care they could manage at a “free clinic” and that the vast majority of them were getting teeth pulled, or were being fitted for glasses. Surely they needed more attention than this. What was even more troubling was that after their meager medical attention, many of them left their appointments and lighted up cigarettes.

After reflecting on this film I am much clearer about Health Care being much bigger than a medical appointment. It is about preventative medicine. I am thankful our new Health Care, ACA, can be a solution to those Americans who live without any understanding of what constitutes good health.

Carmen Gonzalez Murrary

South Lake Tahoe

About torture

The words enhanced interrogation technique is a sadist joke. Because gathering information is secondary.

Torturing is about humiliating the victim, turning the victim into an object that the torturer can do as he wishes, to lord it over the victim.

On a larger scale, the torturer is a bully who enjoys inflicting pain as does the school yard bully. We condemn the school yard bully for good reason. The same condemnation must apply to torture by any other name.

Bill Crawford

South Lake Tahoe

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