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It is what it is

There is no success to be acquired in attempting to enlist the help of the apathetic in any worthwhile cause! Nor can allying oneself with the vested, or even evil itself, lead to anything of a truly lasting or constructive value, as many people today willingly worship at the feet of fame, fortune, superstition, and even title without substance!

True success is only acquired by striving to leave this nation of ours just a little better off for our having been given the privileges of life and liberty! It takes no skill, dedication or even talent, after all, to fasten oneself to the hip of like-thinking fools! Those who care not how or why they arrived at the gates of power, but rather, just that they got there at all! “For these creatures may stand erect, though they be morally dead, without the sense to rest their heads!”

And to these shallow fools who care not what they truly are, but rather, only what people think that they are – is offered up – “The Decaying Kingdoms of Moral and Intellectual Oblivion!”

H. Rick Tavares


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