McClintock’s moral bankruptcy revealed |

McClintock’s moral bankruptcy revealed

Words can be used to reveal and conceal. Lately, there have been several pieces of legislation with friendly titles which hide the true intention of the legislation.

The American Health Care Act would have eliminated health care coverage for more than 20 million people.

The Financial CHOICE Act, now signed into law, removes protections for consumers so that financial institutions can now once again choose to defraud their customers.

The Make America Secure Appropriations Act hides a $1.6 billion appropriation for a border wall that will be neither financially feasible or provide greater border security.

H.J.Res 40 doesn’t have a catchy title, but its signing removed protections that kept individuals deemed mentally incompetent from purchasing firearms.

The Stream Protection Rule, which actually did what the title implied, has been overturned by Congress.

Congressman Tom McClintock has supported all of these legislative initiatives and co-sponsored several of them, misleading his constituents in an attempt to convince them that these efforts are in their interests.

But the limit of hypocritical titles has now been reached with the Hearing Protection Act of 2017, another piece of legislation McClintock co-sponsors. This legislative endeavor would remove most of the restrictions that regulate gun silencers, using the absurd excuse that the sound of gunfire damages people’s hearing and impacts the hearing of those who live near firing ranges.

I suspect that many survivors of shooting incidents would state that the sound of gunfire was a primary indication of danger. This legislation is pending in the House, and the GOP will likely be successful in passing it once the uproar over the carnage in Las Vegas subsides.

In an attempt to express empathy and justify his complicity, McClintock has tweeted that this is a time to mourn and reflect. He fails to reflect upon the tens of thousands of dollars, dating back to his time in the California state Legislature, that he has received from the NRA in exchange for promoting their agenda.

Words can be used to reveal and conceal. His words reveal the depth of his hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy.

Barbara Smith

Auburn, California

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