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Letter: Measure C needs to be rewritten, vote ‘no’ (opinion)

Once the money goes into the general fund it can end up anywhere. That’s why this Measure C is a good tax (if there is a good tax), because it is a specific fund that cannot be used for anything but what it’s voted on.

Specifically this started as a way to keep CalPERS from robbing the general fund for unfunded pensions and liabilities. The problem is it’s not enough and everyone knows it, even the authors.

There is a scare tactic right now that if we don’t pass Measure C we will be driving on dirt. Nothing is further from the truth.

If we defeat the measure now it can be rewritten in time for the next election and that will give us time to get more funding. The City Council is afraid to go after other funding sources. Other towns in which Vail Resorts operates charge a lift ticket tax.

Vail collected $5 million last year, Breckenridge gets a minimum of $3.5 million per year and they just implemented that in 2016. Vail has had this in place for decades. That is why they look like they do.

The council is afraid to go after other funding sources. Tax the TOT on VHRs only. You can also divert a portion of the TOT on VHRs to Measure C II. Tourists visiting VHRs and Vail Resorts use our infrastructure, so why not have them help to pay for it?

Raise the Measure C tax to 1 percent and lower the time involved. Measure C, as written, works because it fixes more than just the streets, but it can’t do all that due to inadequate funding. We are kicking another can down the road for our kids, as 15 years is too long to fix the roads.

By the time we get to the really bad ones the bad ones will have reached a level of really bad.

Kenny Curtzwiler

Meyers, California

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