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Measure H

I will be voting for Measure H, the fire protection ballot measure that we will see on the November ballot. Measure H, sponsored by Lake Valley Fire, will benefit all of us. Measure H is a simple parcel tax (that will also repeal the current parcel tax). This measure will be used to keep on the Angora Fire Crew, a crew that was essential in turning the tide of the Angora Fire seven years ago. It will not be used for pay raises.

Measure H is also concerned with fire suppression, and one of programs that will be reinstated if Measure H passes, is a rebate program similar to the Lake Valley Fire and Fire Safe Council (FSC) coordinated tree removal rebates that matched the cost homeowners paid local tree cutting service to thin out trees on their property. I benefited from this original grant three years ago, when I had a Lake Valley firefighter come out and mark the trees I needed to remove to comply with the defensible space regulations (free of charge). I then hired Ed Cook Tree Service to come out and thin out the marked trees, paid my bill of a couple thousand dollars, and was immediately reimbursed for half the amount by the rebate. In one fell swoop, I saved 50 percent of a cost that made my house more likely to withstand a wildfire, while contributing to our local economy, and helping keep Ed Cook in business). This program will be reinstated with the passage of Measure H.

The Measure-H tax is an essential contribution that we, as homeowners, can make to keep our community safe from fire through suppression and prevention. Join me in keeping our community safe. Educate yourself and visit: before Nov. 4. And then, get out and vote.

Kathy Haven

South Lake Tahoe

King of the mountain fire

Fascinated arsonist loves his inferno glowing. Flames leaping, racing through miles of forest. Dirty air and heartache fill desolation’s hell. Day after day rings the fire bell. Wildfire’s the devil in our forest. Arsonist’s love is finalized. It must be warm where he dwells,

But it leaves my heart cold as hell.

Bill Crawford

South Lake Tahoe

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