Measure S: We know what we are getting |

Measure S: We know what we are getting

While South Lake Tahoe city residents will have a tough time deciding whether to pass Measure R, the proposed snow removal parcel tax increase, Measure S, a similar proposal for El Dorado County, should be destined for success.

The main difference between the two: Measure R doubles the annual tax from $20 to $40 per parcel, but includes a provision that raises the South Lake Tahoe tax annually by the Consumer Price Index rate or 3 percent, whichever is less; Measure S simply raises the annual parcel fee from $20 to $50 for county residents.

Both tax measures give snow removal crews the tools they need to keep our roads open and safe on heavy snow days – something that is good for local residents, and good for our tourism economy.

While we have endorsed Measure R – with an understanding that the annual inflationary adjustment may be a hurdle for many voters – Measure S is a no-brainer.

For $50, county residents wouldn’t be able to get their driveways plowed once after a storm – It’s not much to pay for this important service for their roads. And even if, in theory, snow removal equipment should be included in El Dorado’s budget (especially at a time when the county was running a surplus), Tahoe still has to do what it takes to ensure the roads are plowed.

Since the $20 parcel fees were implemented, inflation has increased costs and made the acquisition of necessary equipment more difficult.

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It’s never easy to ask voters to increase taxes. In the case of Measure S, at least we know exactly what we are getting, and we know that we need it.