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Letter: More questions about possible IVGID role in failed transportation grant application (opinion)

I read with great interest the editorial (or letter to the editor) that was submitted by Frank Wright in last week’s Tahoe Daily Tribune edition and I find it appalling that an elected official acting outside the governing board’s authority has committed $7.5 million of IV/CB public money to a project to build a pike path around Lake Tahoe!

The obvious questions come to mind:

What do the board members who were left out of the loop of decision making have to say about the behavior of the board chair who acted without the other board members involvement and subsequent approval?

What did the Tahoe Transportation District do when they might have realized that the whole grant had been compromised by a single IVGID board member?

The efforts of the TTD that have been put into writing the grant and the wasted cost of preparing the grant by public employees for the bike path must now be an astronomical waste of time and funds.

There had to be an inordinate amount of employee man hours writing this grant that all went down the drain when the U.S. Transportation Department did not award the Build Grant to the Tahoe Transportation District.

One has to wonder if this non-approval of the grant was caused by the lone actions of a sitting IVGID board chairman, Ms. Wong, acting without the authority for this approval of the funding for $7.5 million.

The other board members who most likely were unaware Wong had sent the authorization letter should be wondering why exactly they were elected to represent the people of IV/CB if Wong doesn’t think that they should be consulted. The other board members should be demanding her resignation.

The Tahoe Transportation District could have the opportunity to demand repayment of the cost for writing the Build Grant from IVGID. The Washoe County District Attorney should be looking into how a publicly elected official committed $7.5 million of public money without any board approval and was acting outside the scope of the entire board.

One has to wonder if state statues have been violated and perhaps a criminal act has been committed. One also has to wonder who is going to hold Wong accountable.

Margaret Martini

Incline Village, Nevada

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