Moving made easy — charge it |

Moving made easy — charge it

Once again I proved that money can buy me happiness. This time it came in the form of two men and a truck.

I finally moved all of my belongings to Tahoe this weekend. I had been living with a friend while I looked for a place to buy. I’m still looking for a place to buy, but decided it was time to strike out on my own.

Moves in the past consisted of a U-Haul, friends, beer, pizza and aching muscles. Just the thought of moving made me long for a hot tub.

I knew this time I had to do something different. I called nearly a dozen movers to get an estimate. Some would not move me because I was not going far enough — 200 miles from Rohnert Park to South Lake. Some had a minimum weight limit — I do not have 8,000 pounds of valuables.

I opted to go with the company my parents used on their many moves — Mayflower. Of course the last time my parents moved was in 1973, but I took the gamble it was still a company worthy of my plastic.

And even though they have a weight limit, they still moved me — all 3,120 pounds. They could have moved some of my old neighbors as well because of the room in the 26-foot truck.

For years I watched my dad pack cars, pack suit cases, pack trucks, pack up for vacation. It is much like a puzzle, knowing how to get all the pieces to fit. I have inherited that knack.

But I must admit I was a bit apprehensive about the guys picking apart my packing job. I knew what was stored a little precariously and that every kitchen box had something breakable.

I surrendered my nearly overflowing 10-foot by 10-foot storage room to them Friday afternoon.

What a relief it was to sit back and read a book while they took a couple hours to load their blue, yellow and white machine. Apparently Mayflower and United Van Lines are connected, so it was Mark and Joe from United who made moving easy for me.

I met up with them at my place the next morning. Federal law mandates truck drivers not work more than 10 hours a day, and with the loading and unloading time there was no way they could make it from Sonoma County to Tahoe and back to their headquarters in Sacramento in that time frame.

No worries. It meant I did not have to make the drive either.

One of the things that kept going through my mind as I weighed the pros and cons of using professional movers was the date of the move. There easily could be snow on the ground the second weekend of November. And look what we had this weekend — weather less than ideal for moving.

I smartly trusted the moving guys would know what to do with moisture in the air. Not a drop touched any of my wood furniture. Flurries did not begin to fly on Saturday until they were close to unloading the 106 items they had tagged. I know I will be finding those darn orange stickers for months.

Another selling point for not enlisting my friends is that my new digs is a split level. Hauling a king size bed up stairs is not my idea of fun. Flipping the mattress is bad enough. They were going to set that monster up for me, but I had not logically packed the frame’s wheels or fasteners. I managed to set it up so I was back on my own mattress after more than 16 months. (Why things were in storage so long is another column.)

I loved being able to tell the movers exactly where I wanted things without hearing grumbling — a common refrain from friends after you change your mind for the umpteenth time.

Yep, professional movers are worth their weight.

Kathryn Reed is managing editor of the Tahoe Tribune. She may be reached at (530) 541-3880 or e-mail

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