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Letter: Murphy right choice in Douglas County commissioner race (opinion)

Editor’s note: The Tribune has not verified claims set out in the following letter.

Jane Murphy for Douglas County commissioner. On her behalf, it was published in the Tahoe Tribune by the Tahoe Chamber she has not taken a position on redevelopment agency #2 (RDA#2). But on the contrary she has taken a position.

She has continued to say in open forums, “it’s all about the numbers, the numbers have to work, I haven’t seen a feasibility study, you simply can’t make a call without doing your homework, what kind of public official would that be, as I know I’m accountable for the tax payers money based on the decisions I make, and this is why I have been successful.”

It seems her position was left out of the article. I believe because her response is too logical. Janet Murphy pays attention to all the details and stays informed. That is exactly what we need, not public officials that just say “Yes” or “No,” because that is who has endorsed them.

And, those are the kind of public officials we keep getting and don’t want! We need proven candidates that have a track record and have demonstrated; they stand up for the people. Janet Murphy has done this over and over in her past 26 years as a public servant, she has never wavered. Even when she was told “you can’t fight city hall or the good old boys.”

That didn’t stop her; at times she was the dark horse and has had great success.

Janet Murphy has continued to fight for the Tahoe Township revenues to stay at the Lake. She took on the PUC regarding digging protocols and proved the NAC was inconsistent, the NV Energy, how the power is unacceptable, now project 624 a new main transmission line is underway, South West Gas requesting all public entities locate all utility hook ups, she proved private and public sector are governed by separate laws and it would be a financial burden to some entities.

And NDOT, her district is much of U.S. 50, she has continued to negotiate on endless projects and saved a tremendous amount of money for the taxpayers, this last one was the tunnel extension. This is just to name a few in which she has accomplished with success. She’s ingrained in government at many levels and with many agencies.

Tahoe Douglas District, which she manages, is the only entity that hasn’t had a sewer hookup increase, and holds the lowest rate. She took that district from nothing when no one wanted it, to now being the most solvent and thriving district.

I’ve heard many people say “if only they heard her, the choice would be clear.” I believe it’s hard for anyone to compare, she depicts wisdom and has the skills that are required.

She will stand up for the people whomever she represents. Clearly this is why Janet Murphy is not being endorsed by any establishment, because she stands by her principles and the people. Maybe scared?

Janet Murphy’s a true Champion!


Sherrie Bohannon

Zephyr Cove, Nevada

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