Musing about the words behind the headlines |

Musing about the words behind the headlines

Paul Middlebrook, Tribune publisher

“Neighbors make noise about loud vacationers” read the headline in the Tahoe Daily Tribune. I live in a neighborhood with four vacation rentals, all managed by Tahoe Keys Resorts. They are well managed, obviously setting a strong expectation to the visitor as to how they should behave, and in six years, I have had few problems. If you have a loud or obnoxious neighbor who lives next door full time — that is a problem. A vacationer who is next door and is a problem, spends money here, helps support our economy and will most likely be gone soon anyway. The Tribune will cover this ongoing story from both sides of the fence. We need to look at the good and the bad and put in perspective what we do in Tahoe to sustain our lives and businesses.

Speaking of rules and regulation. What about this new TRPA scenic plan? I only want some of those huge houses covered up so that my wife, Charlene, doesn’t keep wanting to buy one. My opinion is that those big, beautiful houses and small quaint cabins look pretty cool on this big beautiful lake. A couple of friends of mine came up with a great idea — They sell you a big canvas backdrop, and when the TRPA boat comes around, you push a button and the backdrop goes up. I was going to fertilize my lawn this weekend, but am afraid that the fertilizer will pollute the lake and turn my lawn into a non-conforming green. What to do, what to do! Thank goodness that there aren’t more pressing issues to consider!

Speaking of stepping beyond your jurisdiction (is that what I was talking about?). The League to Save Lake Tahoe mentioned in a recent letter to the editor that they were very concerned that the city of South Lake Tahoe is spending $600,000 on the airport. Is that what the League does — watch government budgets? I’m confused. Thought they might have something else on their mind.

Eight candidates running for three City Council seats — that’s a bunch. The Tribune will keep you informed about each one and we will have an editorial board that will interview each candidate individually. We will endorse our choices for the council seats near the end of October. It is a very important election and we urge you to register to vote.

Congratulations to the Schue family, Darrell and Liz on celebrating 30 years in business with Accurate Audio Video. They took a good business and turned it into a great business. I’d wish them another great 30 years, but I suspect they want out sooner than that!

Sports … everyone going nuts over high school football, pros making $10 million a year going on strike. I attended a U-12 soccer game the other day and the ref, a young lady in her teens who was doing a great job, stopped the game because parents on one team were screaming at her! Get a grip folks, they’re kids. It’s a game and you are the adult. And where are our priorities. Every day we run a story on the front page about Major League Baseball going on strike and it is a 2,000-word story. The other day we ran a story about UC Berkeley professors going on strike and it was on Page 4 with about 500 words. The average baseball player makes $2.5 million annually — think the professor makes that? Maybe our sportswriters should go on a baseball strike and quit writing about these ungrateful clowns.

Good luck to all the kids back in school and the ones going back next week. Well moms, now you can finish that novel you started back in June.

More headlines E “El Ni-o could bring more snow this year to the Sierra.” Don’t you have mixed emotions the longer you live here? E “It’s good for the economy” … Geez, I have to shovel it … “It’s white gold” … Geez, I have to shovel it. Twenty years ago all I thought about was powder skiing … now the thought of falling on the walkway and breaking my hip comes into my mind E Yikes!

Last headline … “Recent decisions about marijuana hard to interpret” … Depends on what you’re doing when you’re reading them I guess.

Congratulations to our Tribune photographer, Jim Grant. He and his wife, Belinda, are proud parents of a baby girl, born Thursday. Being a photographer, I’m sure we’ll see a few photos of her in upcoming editions.

Have a safe and sane holiday weekend. Don’t forget all of the Labor Day Lake Tahoe activities … good fun for everyone.

— Paul Middlebrook is publisher of the Tahoe Tribune. He may be reached at

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