My View: Notes from the Front Row ™ |

My View: Notes from the Front Row ™

Elections have consequence as the saying goes and the recent local elections are no different. It seems when the local community is well informed and understands what’s at stake they get it right. At most every turn the community moved away from the status quo. The county will see Sue Novsel become the new supervisor, the city council will see two new candidates and even re-elected Tom Davis had a strong message of change. The Measure F vote for the college also won while Measure H was handily defeated. The lesson for politicians and agencies moving forward is clear as bell, you need to keep delivering for the community. Residents demand and expect constant improvement and positive change. The other thing worth noting is listen to the whole community not just those that have a loud voice but everyone. The loud voices and single issue groups that pop up for whatever reason do not speak for the entire community.

Paid parking is profitable, that’s according to a review of the city’s paid parking program by an independent CPA firm. According to the data paid parking was generating and excess $285,000 and would have generated approximately$1.5 over five years. Say What? I was for paid parking. I believe that it is unfair for part of the community to pay user fees (golf course and rec center) but others be subsidized for parking. It would be interesting to see how this would have panned out if the community had full information and voted on this in a November election. The loud voices with opinions may have cost the community millions. The lesson, be wary of loud voices with no facts. I hope this issue will be back in the future when we can have a thoughtful discussion based on facts not just loud voices and petitions.

Does anyone have confidence in El Dorado County? I don’t. The El Dorado County supervisors have a mess on their hands. The chief administrative officer has resigned under pressure so has the number two person and the budget is a mess. What is bothersome to me is why hasn’t the business community stepped forward and voiced their concern? Why have the chambers of commerce throughout the county not delivered a vote of “No Confidence”? Enough dithering.

The Big Picture

I learned a very valuable lesson many years ago. “Either make changes or changes will be imposed on you.” That is exactle what President Obama has done with regard to immigration. I don’t want to hear he is an imperial president of he broke the law, to me it’s not the issue. Put up an idea! Whether you are for it or against it the republicans have sat on their collective butts and done nothing. The same goes for health care. You can’t just be against policies you have to actually be for something and put your ideas forward. Every party deserves a loyal opposition to challenge them and make their programs and ideas better for the American people. The republicans in congress have put up nothing. Put up a plan any plan something we can have a look at instead of doing nothing and have the president impose changes on you and the American people.


Please do check out the Coldwater Brewery and Grill. I was there opening night. The beer was good and lots of people having fun.

It’s a Wrap

Thursday is Thanksgiving please if you will take just a minute and think about those in our community who have less. Make a point this holiday season to give in whatever way you can, write a check, volunteer, call someone. Your help will be appreciated.

Carl Ribaudo is a contributing columnist to the Tahoe Daily Tribune. He is also a consultant, speaker and writer who lives in South Shore. He can be reached at carl@smgonline.

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