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Letter: Nevada Route 28 shared use path a phenomenal waste of money (opinion)

Is there anyone else out there who believes the shared use path from Tunnel Creek Café to Sand Harbor is a phenomenal waste of money which has left an irrevocable scar on Tahoe’s East shore?

I thought the main job of the TRPA was to “protect lake Tahoe?” It has that slogan on every gateway sign entering the Basin. I’m not sure having Granite Construction jackhammer boulders, backfill with soil and asphalt over it protects Lake Tahoe.

Where does the path end? At Sand Harbor where there is a sign posted “No Drop Offs or Walk Ins.” I assume that will change. I cannot envision a minivan full of parents, kids, coolers and toys parking at Tunnel Creek and hiking 3 miles to Sand Harbor.

Also, do you really think serious road cyclists will use this path where they will be hindered by pedestrians?

I can almost understand the path to Hidden Beach; there is very limited parking and it is dangerous for pedestrians. But the leg from Hidden Beach to Sand Harbor? Somehow a very rocky coastline which was inaccessible should be accessible to who those who demand it?

A 900 foot bridge, are you kidding me? A coastline which has existed for thousands of years has been destroyed because hikers and bikers demanded it? If this were a private/corporate project, the Sierra Club would have filed suit in federal court.

Where is the League to Save Lake Tahoe, Keep Tahoe Blue and the Sierra Club for this project? What’s next? Maybe a zip line or water slide over Nevada Route 28? How about a cotton candy stand on the 900 foot bridge?

This project is a microcosm of what is fatally flawed with our elected and appointed government officials. They can no longer differentiate between a need and a want. This project is clearly a want and benefits a very select few.

As our national debt has surpassed $20 trillion, is this really the best use of $36 million?

Curt Wegener

Incline Village, Nevada

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