New Year’s resolutions for South Shore |

New Year’s resolutions for South Shore

Tahoe Daily Tribune Staff Reports

If only there were a crystal ball we could look into see all that awaits us in 2004. But then again, what fun would that be?

Though we cannot predict the future, we can make some resolutions which should at least get us on the path we want to be on. Here are some things the Tahoe Daily Tribune resolves to do in 2004 and hopes others will resolve to do:

n To provide readers with as much local news as writers can churn out, while consistently delivering the paper to driveways in a timely manner.

n To keep track of the comings and goings of public officials as well as how they spend taxpayers’ money.

n To attend as many sporting events as possible to report on South Shore athletes – even the ones who no longer call the Sierra home, but still have ties here.

n The city should resolve to put locals before tourists. It could start by delivering the goods promised with Measure S. There needs to be a concerted effort to keep people living at the lake so the city does not become dominated by second-home owners.

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n The city needs to resolve to make this a more pedestrian friendly town. Sidewalks should not be ice skating rinks in the winter. It either needs to force businesses to clear a path or take over the rights-of-way.

n The chambers of commerce should be resolute in their quest to educate the public about their endorsement of the 2014 Olympics coming to the Tahoe-Reno area.

n The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency’s resolution should be to be more proactive, to turn its image around. TRPA also needs to resolve to stick to its Compact and not be overstepping its bounds.

n The Lake Tahoe Unified School District board of education’s resolution should be to not operate in a perceived cloak of secrecy so it, too, can change its image. Perhaps it should resolve to do some housecleaning instead of continuing to place all of the blame for its problems on the state and declining enrollment.

n Charter Communications needs to resolve its problems so every subscriber in California can get California news channels. It needs to stop blaming others or else the city should look for another provider.

n We should all resolve to give more throughout the year so the multitude of charitable organizations are not scrambling at the last minute to fill requests from those in need.

n We should all resolve to make this a better place than how we found it.