Not allowed at the dance |

Not allowed at the dance

Tahoe Daily Tribune

My name is Anna Gonzales and I have longed to go to a school dance, let alone a formal school dance. I am a home-schooled freshman student and when I was invited by a good friend to go to the Winter Formal Dance sponsored by south Tahoe High School I was denied access to attend. My friend Ahleia Brown picked up a permission form from the school office on Feb. 14. We filled out the form and made sure that we had followed all instructions that were given. We returned the form on Feb. 25, the first day that school resumed after the winter break. The lady at the front desk would not accept the form and told Ahleia that it needed to be turned in on Feb. 14 the supposed due date. We were not told of any exact due date except for what was written on the permission form. The form read, “Submit this completed form to the Assistant Principal at least three days prior to dance.” We submitted the form four days prior to the school dance. if the due date was Feb. 14, the school should not have released the form. Both the Vice Principal and Principal were approached, only to be told again that I could not go. The Principal told us that it did not matter what the permission slip said, because it was an outdated form. Even though I followed the form correctly, I feel that I am being penalized for the school’s irresponsibility. Kids go to school to learn a number of things besides academics, one being responsibility. South Tahoe High is not showing a positive example of responsibility in this manner. I feel frustrated because the school can not admit that this whole misunderstanding was their fault. In light of all the negative news regarding the school district, I would think that they would be a little more understanding to my situation. My denial to attend the school dance is based on a technicality (the due date). If this were a legal matter going to court I feel South Tahoe High School would lose based on this exact technicality. What is in writing, is in writing.

Anna R. Gonzales

South Lake Tahoe