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Letter: Not sure why boomer bashing has become so fashionable (Opinion)

Dear Editor:

(Re: “Stop the fun killing … South Lake Tahoe is not a retirement community” published Jan. 10)

I’m not sure why boomer bashing has become so fashionable. In Tisha Sharpe’s opinion article, she believes with no proof that the retirement community is responsible for all the anti-SnowGlobe rhetoric and that no one else protests.

Somehow it seems forgotten that this group was the forefront of the civil rights movement. The group that protested unwanted wars. The group that pushed the feminist movement towards what it is today. Oh yes, we also have the moniker of “sex drugs and rock and roll,” attached to our generation.

And it is not that I disagree with you at all regarding SnowGlobe. Who can’t put up with three days of minor inconvenience when it brings so much money and jobs into our city?

Also, over the years, so many of the complaints have been addressed. I, as an aging retired senior, allow all my neighbors to have three nights of debauchery per year with music blaring, depriving me of sleep and no complaining from me. We all need to blow off steam now and then.

Two weddings were shut down by the police in my neighborhood for loud music past 10 p.m. None were called in by seniors (many of us were at the weddings). They were called in by intolerant people and I feel there is a lot of that going around these days.

As for my night of debauchery, it’s staying up past seven after having my dinner of Ensure, listening to Perry Como and settling into my Depends.

Let’s remember it’s not always about me, whether seniors or millennials. Sometimes we must look to the greater good and that would also pertain to SnowGlobe as well.

Steve Lannen, South Lake Tahoe

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