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Opinion: My View: Notes from the Front Row ™

Carl Ribaudo
My View: Notes from the Front Row ™

Local Musings

• Couldn’t have been a better weekend for visitors coming to the South Shore for recreation. This week alone we had a marathon, the “Come up for Air” soccer tournament and a major Disc Golf tournament. Add to it all the usual mountain and road riding, paddling, hiking, etc., and clearly we have lots of recreation to offer.

• I often hear from people that we need a vision (yawn), we are America’s Playground (double yawn). In thinking about who we are and what we do, I have a suggestion; outdoorsman and Adventure Film Festival promoter Todd Offenbacher has a saying, which I think should be the official motto of South Shore locals, “Don’t waste a day.” He is right on the mark with that one, no matter if you live here or are visiting here. Don’t waste a day – -captures it just right.

• Police shoot and kill someone. Troubling to see that a South Lake Tahoe Police Officer shot and killed a young man. One thing I have learned from watching the troubles across the country with regard to the police, let’s wait and see what the facts are before we react. Cities have been ripped apart this past year, let’s be smart and get all the objective information.

• When was the last time the El Dorado County District Attorney ever gave a public press conference in South Shore? I cannot ever remember the District Attorney ever having a public press conference to answer citizen questions (other than election time). Just asking. Myself and I am sure other more serious journalists have some questions we’d like to pose. I mean, he does work for us.

The Big Picture

• Mr. Charles Cotton is a board member with the NRA and he was recently quoted saying that the nine murdered church members might be alive if they carried guns while in church. Really? I consider myself to be an educated man and as gun owner (I own two) I get the gist of the second amendment. Try as I might, I just do not understand this mindset. You NRA members, where you at? Guns in church? Really?

• “Laudat si.” I am not Catholic, but I am amazed how the Pope has single-handedly changed the debate on the environment much to the chagrin of Republicans running for president. Some have indicated the Pope should not comment on this issue. I disagree. Anyone should comment on this issue and the impact of the Pope’s comments are significant. This Pope has made it uncomfortable for many since he arrived on the scene. According to Wikipedia there are approximately 70 million Catholics in the Unites States, I wonder if the Pope has their ear?


Don’t miss the final Grateful Dead Concerts happening in The Bay Area and Chicago. I know some Tahoe locals are going and we are going to want full reports and photos. Me, not sure where I will be, but I’ll be thinking about all the great music I have had the privilege to listen to, experience, enjoy and just feel good about as I stream those final shows right into my headphones. It’s been one of my life’s treats.

It’s a Wrap

I have been writing this column for a while and many times I have had to comment or dedicate this column to victims of senseless gun violence and wonder why neither gun laws nor mental health treatment hasn’t changed much. This column is dedicated to the nine individuals who were senselessly gunned down. May they rest and peace and their families find some resolution in this tragedy. It says in the Good Book “The meek shall inherit the Earth.” These nine will.

Carl Ribaudo is a contributing columnist to the Tahoe Daily Tribune. He is also a consultant, speaker and writer who lives in South Shore. He can be reached at carl@smgonline.net.

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