Personal trainer takes the pain out of working out |

Personal trainer takes the pain out of working out

Paul Middlebrook, publisher of the Tahoe Daily Tribune

Guys — this is your last warning … it’s Valentine’s Day … today … put down the paper and go get her something quick!

I’m just entering my sixth week of my New Year’s resolution to get back in shape. (That being under the presumption that I ever actually was in shape.) I joined Time Out Health Spa owned by my good friend Jim Wire. Why we are still friends, I don’t know, as several years ago while trying to satisfy yet another New Year’s resolution, Jim had a new machine that measured body fat. He took my measurement and said I was a jelly doughnut. I still like ya Jim, just stay out of motivational speaking.

On my first day back to the health club last month, Jim had personal trainer Melissa work with me to set up my training … another great motivational move on Jim’s part. I stood there with my little, white legs sticking out of these dorky shorts looking in the mirror at Melissa, then me … we were Beauty and the Beast. There I stood, with my head on my Dad’s body.

But then I got motivated … I’m thinking, “Paul, you can look just like Melissa.”E At which point I realized I needed to get it together. I got my senses back and had a great workout with Melissa. (Melissa, if you ever meet my wife, don’t be surprised if she says you are much more attractive than I described you … I couldn’t think straight when she asked me what you looked like.)

Now I workout three to four days each week and I feel like a million bucks … I still look like $19.95 … but I feel great. I have now quit smoking, cut back on fatty foods, nearly quit drinking and I’m working out. If I get hit by a bus and killed, I’m gonna be really, really … really upset!

Condolences to several great members of our community who have recently lost members of their families E Gerry Lasarow, Mike Giordano, Dominique Westlake and our own Tim Parsons and Paul Andrew.

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Congrats to our local athletes, Jonna Mendes, Elena Hight, Jimi Tomer E you’re making us proud. Also congrats to the South Tahoe Vikings varsity girls basketball team. They had a tough year but hung in there and won the last one against Hug … shows some character. Derek Allister has the boys team on the way back to the top.

And … speaking of sports, thanks to Larry Reilly for stepping up and taking over the South Tahoe rec league youth basketball program. He started it with coach Tom Orlich who has since left for Fresno. With the help of John, Pancho and gang, the league is another huge success.

Goodbye to George West, former general manager of Chevy’s Restaurant. He has gone to the Bay Area to bigger and better things with the corporation. George, you will be missed for your community involvement and I will miss you on the sidelines at the games. How many $5 dinners did he give away for local charities and organizations? You were a credit to this community. The Bay Area will be better for you.

Melissa called … I have to go workout!

— Paul Middlebrook is publisher of the Tahoe Daily Tribune. He may be reached at