Publisher’s Perspective: Changes to Lake Tahoe Action publication (opinion) |

Publisher’s Perspective: Changes to Lake Tahoe Action publication (opinion)

Many of you may wonder if seeing the Lake Tahoe Action in today’s Tribune was a mistake — or if the teasers on the front page were something that is going to be permanent or just for today for some specific reason.

Well, the answers are: no, it’s not a mistake and yes, they will be permanent, at least on Saturdays.

Over the past few years, the Lake Tahoe Action, which is the entertainment-focused publication of the Tribune, was produced as a stand-alone section and distributed through various rack and stacked locations throughout the South Shore on Fridays. Beginning today, it will be placed inside the Tribune every Saturday.

I typically joke that the South Shore population changes every single weekend — visitors leave and new ones come in. The Action is designed to give these visitors information on what to do while they are here. ‘Cause let’s be honest, these folks don’t want to know what’s going on two weeks from now when they’re here now.

But knowing what’s going on in entertainment over the weekend and into the following week shouldn’t be just geared towards visitors — locals want to know what’s going on each weekend as well. And while we did occasionally pick up Action stories into the Tribune, it wasn’t in its full capacity. Now it will be.

I think maybe the best way to help describe this change is to answer some questions that may be brewing:

Q: Where will I be able to find a copy of the Action?

A: Anywhere you are able to locate a Tribune on Saturday, the Action will be inside and you can pull out and read as you normally have. Or you can catch it in its entirety online exactly as you can now with the e-edition on You can also follow Lake Tahoe Action on Facebook.

Q: Does that mean there will be less copies of the Action?

A: No. By placing it inside of the Tribune, there will actually be more copies of the Action produced and more places you’ll be able to find it.

Q: Will the editorial coverage be the same?

A: Yes. We will still cover what’s going on during the current weekend and into the following week in the areas of music, nightlife, food and beverage, and more.

Q: Can I still place ads directly into the Action?

A: Absolutely. If you have a business or event that would benefit by being placed next to relevant and timely entertainment content for promotion, that process is still the same.

My hope is that you will find this change to the Tribune on Saturdays a welcome addition.

Publisher Rob Galloway can be reached at or 530-542-8046.

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