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Letter: Regarding Measure T Heading for Mediation (opinion)

This affair, reminds me of the book written by world renowned UMKC economics professor Bill Black called, “The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One.”

The multimillionaire and billionaire Realtors, and the politicians in their pockets, know about supply and demand. They know the supply is limited because of the TRPA, and they further know in many cases a home converted to VHR takes two off the market for the every-day-average, hard working person.

The article states that an agreement was reached between city officials and the property group on the occupancy limits. My questions are: How many of those discussions took place in the pol’s own home with friends or family members in the realty business? And, how many discussions took place in Bay Area corporate board rooms?

The article also states that the measure “only” passed by 58 votes. How many of these same pols would concede an election to their opponent if they themselves had “only” won by the same margin?

I think a new book needs to be written, called “The Best Way to Rob Citizens, is to be a Politician, or Own One.”

John Tjaden

South Lake Tahoe, California