Relationshops are about love |

Relationshops are about love

Tahoe Daily Tribune

Some day I will go to the mailbox and receive an invitation to my friend and her husband’s 50th wedding anniversary. I will be asked to celebrate 50 years of them yelling at each other, 50 years of being mean to each other, 50 years of frustration and anger. Love hasn’t kept them together; economics will have kept them together.

Many people recognize this union as holy.

Meanwhile, my brother and his male life partner had integrity in their relationship. They had love and respect for each other. They treated one another with respect. They brought a very high standard to their love for each other. Both lives were cut short.

Relationships are about respect, they’re about love, they’re about integrity of the heart. Not whether you’re gay or straight.

P.S. — Normal is a setting on a washing machine.

Ann Thennes

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