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Remember Vietnam?

Tahoe Daily Tribune

Is it now time to grow up?

Think back. Think back to the ’60s and remember that we were the generation that stopped a war. We were young folks with great ideals and dreams who would not be told what to do. It was our generation who protested against a government and helped force them to end a bloody, undeclared war. Did we learn anything?

I like to believe that after Vietnam was over for the U.S. and 50,000 young American men and woman had died, the citizens of this wonderful country had learned that it was not a good thing to go out and kill a bunch of people. And also, the citizens may have learned that it is possible, OK and good to question the activities of their government. Did we learn anything? I am truly wondering now as the winds of war are blowing again. How many of the citizens of this country who are all gung ho to go kill a bunch of Iraqis remember the carnage we watched 35 years ago. Is is really necessary to spread our military might around like the bully up the block?

Is is possible that we may be older, wiser and a bit more experienced. Have we grown up? Is it our turn to step up to the plate as the age of leaders and not allow these winds of war to blow into a gale? We are the generation who is supposed to be of the age of power. We are also the fathers and mothers of the soldiers who will be pulling the triggers and spilling the blood. Is this what we want our children to learn, that resolution to a conflict must be found at the end of a gun?

Let’s think about the citizens of Iraq. Are they not people like us? If they are, then I think it is fair to assume that they will fight to the death against an invading army. We would.

I hate going to funerals for young people knowing the casket is closed because the body parts were blown to pieces all over a battlefield. Sounds gross? Then WAKE UP!

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Jim Biller

South Lake Tahoe