Resolve to make this an outstanding school year |

Resolve to make this an outstanding school year


Bells will be ringing in the school year today for Douglas County students at the lake. South Lake Tahoe students have another week of summer vacation.

There is always a good deal of apprehension no matter what grade a student is entering. There are all of the unknowns about what a new teacher will be like, what their expectations are and what friends will be in which classes.

It is the class of 2015 that is entering kindergarten. It is daunting to think about what the world will be like when they cross the podium to accept their diploma in 13 years. Right now they have other things on their mind — when do they get milk and cookies, and will mom or dad really be there at the end of the day like they promised.

At the other end of the education spectrum is the class of 2003. In a few short months they will leave high school to take on a world that has already gone through monumental changes in their teen age years. We can only hope they do not become jaded by the world around them; and instead see the good in people and they good that they can do.

In this ever-changing world, teachers are forced to wear a multitude of hats. Not only are they educators, but now they are counselors, surrogate parents, coaches, mentors, friends, sounding boards, cops, referees — and they do all of this without ever leaving the classroom.

Teachers often get a bad rap. They seem to be the first to be blamed for when a child is failing class. They are the first to be blamed when test scores are lousy. They are criticized for having a strong union, for hiding behind tenure.

Perhaps instead of waiting for Jan. 1 to roll around, we should make some new year’s resolutions now for this coming school year. We offer you these resolutions to adopt as your own:

n As a parent, I will become more involved in my child’s education;

n As a parent, I will listen to my child and his/her teacher before passing judgment;

n As a parent, I will treat my child’s teacher like the professional he/she is;

n As a teacher, I will make it clear to students and parents what is expected in my classroom from the get-go;

n As a teacher, I will treat all students equally;

n As a student, I will be respectful of all adults at my school;

n As a student, I will take responsibility for my education, which means being prepared, asking for help and showing up to class;

n As a resident of the South Shore, I will support schools by voting for worthy school bond measures;

n As a resident of the South Shore, I will support the schools via fund-raisers, attending extracurricular activities or aiding in the classroom.

We all have a stake in the education our youth receive. As cliche as it sounds, we cannot deny that they are our future. We owe it to the students as well as to ourselves to support them, their schools and their teachers.

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