Running down my ‘to-do’ list |

Running down my ‘to-do’ list

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After wandering around the newspaper world for a few years, I’m happy to finally be settling down in a community that agrees on everything – a place where there is never any controversy, and the people who live here get along like bees in a hive.

It seems like everywhere else I’ve worked, politics has gotten in the way of having fun. I’m thanking my lucky stars I won’t have to deal with politics here – just fun. All fun, all the time. Just like I envisioned in college (to tell the truth, I don’t really remember college, but I’m pretty sure it was fun).

With that in mind, I’m developing a list of things to do to help my transition to South Tahoe life. Please feel free to call or e-mail me if I’m missing anything, or if my first impressions are off. First, some background:

I grew up in the Bay Area, like most of you, and left as soon as I graduated high school, like most of you. I went to the University of Oregon (Cal Berkeley for people who love rain nine months a year, and didn’t have the grades), where I ambitiously started in business, before I realized journalism was my true calling. I also majored in history, because eventually I know I will have to make a living (It’s always good to have something to fall back on).

I worked briefly in some of the lesser-known, but finest newspapers in Oregon, before selling my bongo drum and moving to Nevada, to dry out. There, I covered brothels and the methamphetamine industry, before moving on to the paper in Truckee for two years, and now here.

My time in the Sierra has been a pleasure. I’ve gotten at least 20 days of snowboarding each of the last four years (pretty good for someone who works days), hiked and biked everywhere and even gotten into dirtbiking (that’s the Nevada influence). Sailing is also one of my passions, so if you have a boat, call me. I may not be the best company, but I can handle the tiller if you drink too much. And, if you are unhappy with something that ran in the paper, just push me overboard. They’ll find me in 10 years during an “SS Tahoe” dive.

Here’s my running “to-do” list:

n REGISTER TRUCK: Thanks to our governor’s can-do attitude, this is going to be much less expensive for me than I previously budgeted. I may not have health care in 10 years, but at least I’ll have a bitchin’ ride (and, no, I don’t drive a rusty Subaru).

n PUT “KEEP TAHOE BLUE” BUMPER STICKER ON TRUCK: After a few years, I’ll graduate to the “Drink Tahoe Red” sticker. Does this mean I will get more or fewer speeding tickets? Hmmm.

n BUY NEXT YEAR’S SKI PASS: I haven’t yet gotten acquainted with the local resorts’ PR folks, so I guess I’ll have to pay like everyone else. (This is sad, because I intend on writing a lot of ski-related stories next year. Hint, hint.)

n BUY MAILBOX: Of all the things that were important to me about living in South Tahoe, the most important was living in a neighborhood that has home delivery. I’m not going to tell which neighborhood, because someday some of you may want to destroy my mailbox with a baseball bat. (With the cost of real estate being what it is, my house may actually qualify as a mailbox.)

n GET TELEPHONE NUMBER: Cell phones, I hear, can be a little tricky – No, I can’t “hear you now.”

n BUY SNOW SHOVEL: Or move to Gardnerville.

n GET COSTCO MEMBERSHIP: It’s amazing how far your food dollar can go when you live on 5-gallon jars of pickles.

n BECOME FRIENDS WITH TRPA: This is always a good idea, especially if I win the lottery, build lakefront and paint my house purple.

n REGISTER TO VOTE: Independent all the way.

n GET MY CONTRACTOR’S/REALTOR’S LICENSES: Then I’ll have something in common with everyone else in town.

n BUY LARGE DOG: I already have the pickup truck, but my current dog is small and white. If I lose him in the next blizzard, I want to have a backup.

n LEARN HOW TO NOT GAMBLE: I’m sure there are support groups for this.

I’ve only been in town a few days, so this is a preliminary list. As I cross things off, I’ll let you know. And if you want to get in touch with me about any of that “serious” stuff, you know where I am. Hopefully, we can all just get along.

– Jim Scripps is managing editor of the Tahoe Daily Tribune. He can be reached at (530) 542-8047 or

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