Saddam’s capture worth the wait |

Saddam’s capture worth the wait

Tahoe Daily Tribune Staff Reports

After months of being on the lam, Saddam Hussein finally ran out of holes to hide in. For three decades he ruled over Iraq, with a humanitarian record that could send shivers through even the most heartless of people.

His capture on Sunday is something to be celebrated the world over. One can only hope he actually still wielded power from the bunkers he called home these past few months because maybe now without a leader the Iraqi insurgents will come to their senses.

Saddam undoubtedly will still have followers. Why, is beyond rational comprehension. But we must recognize this. There is every possibility that the men and women with stars and stripes on their uniforms could be in even more danger than just 36 hours ago. It is imperative that the leaders of the United States begin working in concert with the United Nations and other countries to put Iraq on a solid road to recovery.

It is often hard to know if the United States has had a policy concerning post-war Iraq, but at least now the once- revered leader of this war-torn country is in our custody. Now perhaps there can be a meeting of the minds to establish what is best for the Iraqi people. If we can come to grips that that answer could be in conflict with what is best for the United States, we might just get somewhere. We need to do right by the Iraqi people, not by the oil companies of the world or major companies here which would profit by our remaining in control.

The world is at a critical cross-roads with Saddam no longer being the puppet master. It is truly time to give the Iraqi people their country back. We have saved them from a ruthless dictator who will likely have to answer for his heinous behavior before a war crimes tribunal.

There may be no appropriate justice for a man with so little regard for humanity – though it would seem a prosperous Iraq, one full of free thinkers, one full of joy would be an appropriate epithet.