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Letter: Sara Schmitz does not represent our community (opinion)

Sara Schmitz’ rebuttal to Jim Clark’s column on the “history of Incline” and her performance at the recent IVGID candidate forum demonstrated her lack of understanding of the real issues confronting our community and her inability to offer concrete solutions to address those issues.

Ms. Schmitz accused Mr. Clark of creating “artificial divisions among our citizens.” One has only to replay the hateful discourse from the same small group at IVGID Board of Trustee meetings to see the divisions are real.

Ms. Schmitz demonstrated her unpreparedness to be a Trustee for the whole community by:

Overstating the importance of the Attorney General sustaining one complaint about untimely formal board approvals of meeting minutes that had no impact on “making such minutes available to the public,” and confusing this with the issue Mr. Clark actually identified regarding endless lawsuits and ethics complaints dismissed by the court with a six-figure judgment against a small group member.

Attacking the IVGID Audit Committee for not providing “greater attention” in the form of more meetings to prevent the restatement of the 2016 financial statements to address what amounted to a typographical error. This confuses the oversight role of the committee with the management responsibility of the staff.

Misinterpreting the results of the 2016 Beach Facilities Study to assert there was no community divide regarding our beaches, while not disclosing that only a 24 percent minority cited crowds and access as the most important issue. With 96 percent of respondents being residents and a 1970 study concluding the beaches could never accommodate all our residents, will she reduce beach access to please the small group financing her campaign. (SOS Report #1, SOS Report #2)?

The issue at hand isn’t about oversight as Ms. Schmitz suggests. It’s about electing trustees who completely understand the issues and will embrace teamwork with their fellow board members to focus on taking actions that unify the community.

Bruce Simonian

Candidate for IVGID Board of Trustees

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post has been updated to include links to supporting documents. The Tribune requires sources for statements of fact in opinion pieces.

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