Setting the record straight |

Setting the record straight

I ran for El Dorado County supervisor as I thought I was the best candidate, with the best qualifications, that could solve the issues we face. After the race for supervisor concluded with the top two advancing to November, I have bowed out of the public eye to focus on my business.

I am hearing recently that I have endorsed a candidate for the November election. I declare I have not endorsed anyone. There are concerns with each of the remaining candidates. That was my whole motivation for running; to give voters a real choice.

I am hopeful the next four years will see change and prosperity for the South Shore. There has been a lot of dysfunction and we need to turn this ship around. It is up to you, the voter, to hold your elected officials to task and ensure they are leading this community without prejudice or self-interest.

That takes a special balance of passion, skill, knowledge and diplomacy.

In November, my vote will be my personal vote, based on my knowledge and research of the candidates and the issues. It will not be an easy choice, nor one I take lightly. Our future depends on it.

I hope each person does that for themselves. But remember to vote as it is your voice that counts.

Jeffrey L. Spencer

Christmas Valley, California