Sheriff Perez is best choice in El Dorado County |

Sheriff Perez is best choice in El Dorado County

Jessica Pratt
El Dorado Hills

For many high school seniors in government classes, the time is growing near to fill out those voter registration forms. However exciting this may be, the truth of the matter is that some students will just register under a certain party, turn in the form, and not give another thought to the election until voting day.

As a senior myself, I can’t inform everyone about every politician, but I can tell them about El Dorado County Sheriff candidate Stan Perez.

I met Stan after giving a speech to his Rotary club. He came up to me afterwards and encouraged me to interview for a volunteer position on his campaign team. As an aspiring journalist, I relished this opportunity and met him a few days later. Stan spoke specifically of his goals to place more deputies and increase the number of canines available in our schools, stabilize the Sheriff’s budget, refill the 12-vacant deputy positions, and re-establish a culture of community service above all else.

I was then selected to be one of his “Campaign Staff Writers.” Since then, I’ve helped review and prepare his campaign correspondence and press releases. I’ve also been made part of his official Steering Committee and have gotten to experience the inner workings of a professional political campaign. I plan on attending political events with Stan, and I’m learning a great deal about critical public safety issues we face.

I encourage my classmates to embrace this time as an opportunity to learn more about politics – to research, explore, and even to question. But throughout this ongoing process, I have no doubt that students will find Stan Perez to be the most qualified candidate of all. See for yourself by logging onto Stan’s website and asking to interview for an internship: