Ski Run Marina has respect for environment |

Ski Run Marina has respect for environment

Mansoor Alyeshmerni

This is in response to a column on the Tribune’s Opinion page on Monday about Saturday’s Coastal Cleanup event.

As the owner and steward of the lake frontage of the Ski Run Marina, I would like to thank the volunteers who devoted their precious time to gathering the refuse left behind by visitors to the lake.

The amount of garbage left on the beach is appalling. Our maintenance people empty out seven to 10 55-gallon cans daily. On the Fourth of July and Labor Day we hauled two truckloads of garbage away.

In the spring, we hired divers to pick up cans and bottles that found their way to the low point in the channel. We provide 13 garbage containers throughout the property to make it easy for people to dispose of their garbage properly. It is our hope that as people become more environmentally conscious, the integrity of the lake will be respected.

As to the parking, I have not had a chance to speak to Mr. Steve Marston yet. Had he known about the Coastal Cleanup project, I can assure you that not only would there have been no charge for parking for the one person who paid, but he would have arranged for food and drinks for all volunteers.

It is worth mentioning what our parking policy is. In the past four years, no Riva Grill customer has paid a dime for parking. The service is free and a valet is on hand during the busy season.

As to others, anyone visiting the Ski Run Marina gets one hour of free parking. We must charge a nominal parking fee so that those visiting our restaurants and shops would have parking and to prevent visitors from parking the car and going to the beach for the day.

During the shoulder season and winter months there is no charge for parking. There is a flat fee for Tahoe Queen riders of $8 during the busy season. For others, there is a $5 per hour charge beyond the first hour.

We have great plans for the marina and the harbor renovation this fall. As our logo colors indicate, we are becoming green in the service of the blue. It is our hope that we will be the premier green marina on the lake. With solar lights for the parking lot and our signs, we are just starting.

— Mansoor Alyeshmerni is the owner of Ski Run Marina.

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