Smog story off base |

Smog story off base

Jeff Stone
South Lake Tahoe

The “Residents want to breathe easier” article in a recent edition was about the stupidest hogwash I have read in you paper in a while.

1.) Tahoe’s population is so low that smogging once a year would be a waste of time and money. Like the locals have the money in the first place. It would be better spent tuning up their cars.

2.) Most of the pollution sources in the Basin are from outside the Basin from thing like wildfires, wood smoke from chimneys, automobile exhaust from Sacramento and Bay Area counties, engine inefficiencies at high altitude and last but not least, unregulated Nevada vehicles.

There are only two counties in Nevada requiring smog test. Guess which ones? Maybe the two with the largest population and auto concentrations like Clark and Washoe, not even ajoining Douglas county where a lot of these stinkers go to die and then come up here.

3.) One resident is quoted in saying he “notices in summer with all the out-of-town cars there is haze from their smog.” How is testing local vehicles going to stop out-of-town vehicles from creating Basin smog? With all the summer wildfires throughout California, how does this guy know wood smoke from hydrocarbon smog? If this guy wants to see and smell the difference, he needs to sit on Fannett Island in Emerald Bay on a July 4 afternoon and really take in a lung full of uncatalytized, carburated, low altitude jetted, unburned, raw gas hydrocarbons to start to know what he’s talking about.