Guest column: Some thoughts on VHRs |

Guest column: Some thoughts on VHRs

John Spinola
Guest Column

So you want my take on VHRs? OK.

I’m going to start by asking a few questions:

Why is one type of lodging property held to different standards than the other?

Why don’t VHRs have to be ADA compliant? They’re a business and open to the public.

Why are businesses allowed to set up in residential areas? Zoning exists so I don’t end up with a mechanic’s shop/office building/dentist next to my house. I’m in a residential area. For people who spout property rights — zoning is the agreed upon designation for the area. You want to own a business, buy in a business/commercial area.

Next let me clear something up: it has been said that the only people complaining are old people and retirees. Um, no. They are the only people who can make it to the meeting because the rest of us homeowners are busy working one or two jobs to stay afloat up here.

Let me share some of the things I have experienced living next to VHRs:

Coming home to find a family playing in my yard “because my snow was better.”

Looking outside to see another set of renters playing in the neighbor’s yard. When I asked them to locate to their yard they actually said “ Don’t worry no one is home.” Then me having to explain that the owners work graveyard and are sleeping.

Waking up to people parked in my driveway and them getting upset because I woke them up early (hey gotta do snow before I go to work).

People upset with me for doing snow removal early.

People expecting to park in my driveway because theirs wasn’t clear of snow.

People upset because I wouldn’t help them put on chains.

People venting to me because the rental isn’t what they expected.

Seeing people BBQ in the rental’s garage.

People parked in the street and hindering snow removal.

People letting their dogs run loose and getting upset when I ask them to pick up what their dog left behind in my yard. (Sorry, no, that itty-bitty poop did not come from my dog.)

People asking me to not do yard work because they are on vacation.

People leaving food outside to bait bears, coyotes, wildlife.

People with fireworks.

Having the owner not heed my warnings of a problem tree and then having that tree come down and take out our side and back fence.

New housekeepers leaving trash out after Sunday cleaning when trash day isn’t until Tuesday.

I’ll also mention that with all of the above instances I never once called to file a complaint. Do you see a call-able situation?

Look, I know heads in beds is the game in this town but VHRs have really become a nuisance in a lot of instances. If enforcement is the issue, and I think it is, maybe we should have a moratorium on VHRs until enforcement can catch up and get its act together.

My $.02.

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