Students, players at top of their game |

Students, players at top of their game

I must bring up our school system one more time. We attended two back to school nights last week, one at Sierra House School and one at South Tahoe Middle School. I have two older children who went through the Santa Rosa school system and both went through college (that accounts for my 12-year-old car). I feel just as confident about my two younger children getting into college going through our school system. SAT-9 test scores are above the state average, they are instituting new and innovative programs and they care!

Today I will be in Reno for the second day of the corporate publishers’ conference. Meetings all day, early to bed at night (uh-huh). I think today we are having a meeting on Strategic Planning. I’ve always liked that word, strategic … it’s so … corporate cool. I’d like to see a class sometime called Planning by the Willy-Nilly Method. Strategic sounds so haughty corporate … like 24/7. A guy gave me a business card the other day and told me that I could reach him 24/7 … to which I wanted to reply … get a life! Try to reach me 24/7 and I’ll come hunt you down. Another meeting at the conference is Never write about your company meetings … I’m gonna skip that one.

Best entertainment in town … youth sports. What are our kids eating? … Volleyball, tennis, cross country, football, soccer, boys and girls … all winners. Speaking of youth sports, we have had many questions as to why we don’t cover all events all of the time. With two reporters, it’s tough to get to all of the events and get the paper out. Anytime that you can help provide scores and info, we will take it and get it into the paper. We can and welcome your help. I keep getting calls from people who object to our mentioning former Tahoe outstanding athletes and students such as Greg Bruso, Adrian Hankoff, Alex Romagnolo, Garrett McIntyre. Why do we write about their continued success? … Because they are great role models for my children and yours. We write about them while they’re here and while they are gone.

We have been putting in some explanations about what the Our View is in the Tahoe Opinion page of the paper. It is the opinion of the editorial board, which is comprised of editors, writers and the publisher. Several comments and letters have expressed the concern that these articles show our bias. We strive not to show bias in our stories, but the Opinion page is called the Opinion page because it is an opinion, which is obviously going to reflect a bias on any given subject. The intent is to raise a question in the minds of the readers who then have the option to respond, preferably in the form of a letter to the editor. We can always agree to disagree. It’s why I turned down a wonderful opportunity to be a publisher in Iraq.

Kudos to the volunteers who picked up trash on the South Shore on California Coastal Cleanup Day. It was Clean Tahoe’s eighth year to participate and is making a big difference. It is also a great lesson for our children.

Kudos also to Paul Huard or “Officer Paul” as he is best known. After a long and successful career with the South Lake Tahoe Police Department, he retired … or so we thought. He has put the uniform back on and has taken over the DARE program, revamped it and calls it the SMART program. I have decided to have the Tahoe Daily Tribune pay for his workbooks for the students he will teach. He came and talked to me about the program and sold me in about two minutes. Paul … thanks for your work in the past and thanks for coming back to help our kids.

Lastly, thank you to the staff of the Tahoe Daily Tribune for getting us back on the track to being a great local paper. The Nevada Press Association recognized our work and I know that our community will as well. We won’t always hit the bull’s-eye, but it won’t be for lack of trying.

— Paul Middlebrook is publisher of the Tahoe Tribune. He may be reached at

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