Support your local merchant … Why ? |

Support your local merchant … Why ?

Jerry Pluto
South Tahoe

I have perused numerous articles about how we locals should support our local merchants and I have been all for that in the past; however my patience is starting to wear very thin.

A quick survey of all of our local gas stations shows that on average they are charging locals up to .65 cents more per gallon then in our neighboring cities like Carson City and Gardnerville.

For me that equates to an extra $13 per fill-up. Now my gas savings alone is clearly enough to buy me a nice lunch while I am over there in Carson.

Since I am being forced to now make my gas purchases out of town because I am tired of being gouged by our local gas station owners, I then tend to do most of my grocery and hardware shopping there as well saving additional money. My favorite bacon at the local grocery store here in town runs up-wards of $5.98, where at Wal-Mart it will only cost me $2.98 for the same brand and pound of bacon.

Wow, I just saved another $3!

See where this is headed folks?

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Until our local merchants try to become at least a little more competitive with what is being offered only 25 miles away, they will continue to lose our business out of town. When you add up all of the lost revenue due to me and other locals taking their business down the hill, the financial losses for this town are substantial.