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Tahoe Holocaust survivor: Trump administration actions starting to resemble Hitler’s Germany (opinion)

The French police, under orders from the Nazis, tore me away from my parents at the age of 4 ½.

It is my first and my only memory of my parents.

Almost every day for the last 76 years, I think of them.

I still see them as they looked when they were taken away from me.

I cried myself to sleep every night for months, maybe years.

Why did adults do that to me?

All my life, I have carried a sense of insecurity.

Who else was going to be taken away from me?

Our government with its racist bias is doing irreparable harm to the children and the parents from which they are torn away.

Sane people should refuse to remain silent in light of such immoral, cruel demonstration of authoritarianism.

I have been asked for the last year or so if I see similarities between the action of Hitler and our current administration.

Yes, it is very close to what Hitler started to do in the mid-1930s in Europe.

Creating division, slandering the free press, oppression, shaming elites and promoting nationalism.

Nationalism and the cult of superiority is the path to dictatorship.

The government is using and building concentration/detention camps in many places in the U.S. away from the population, just like Hitler did in Europe, to imprison innocent people because they look different or they are born in a different country or from parents who are not born in America.

After imprisoning immigrants here illegally, who else will be moving into the deportation camps? Journalists? Protesters? Muslims? Jews?

Have no doubt that the hate and the suppression of freedom that is being spread from the top down in this administration for the “undesirables” such as the truth seekers will not stop at those here illegally.

If that administration is given the opportunity, these deportation camps will be used for others.

Leon Malmed is a Holocaust survivor and a concerned citizen

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