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Tahoe Ski Bum column: An update on traffic issues in Meyers area (opinion)

Kenny Curtzwiler

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Well, I am here to give an update on the battle to implement an electronic GPS upload that I and others have been working on for the past three years. Sadly I do not have good news — in fact I have really disappointing news.

Apparently the powers that be — Chief Administrative Officer Don Ashton and Supervisor Sue Novasel — have decided, through inaction, that there will be no GPS upload to fight Waze.

I have reached out to them several times to schedule a new meeting after they cancelled a meeting in March where we were going to discuss implementing the GPS upload. All I hear are crickets.

Pollock Pines had ONE day of traffic misery in February and our supervisor, Novasel, placed an agenda item on the Board of Supervisors meeting to request that a task force be created to contact Assemblyman Frank Bigelow to help with the traffic situation between Placerville and Tahoe, but only on U.S. 50.

Three years down the tubes and now it looks like we will have to wait another three years until there is another election. I feel we have been abandoned, forgotten and completely ignored, and it makes me ashamed to say I live here. I have done all I can, but it is over.

Thank you everyone for your support — we got over 2,241 local residents to sign a petition to have this implemented. Those signatures were ignored by Novasel and Ashton. I limited the petition to the Lake Tahoe area to show that the residents were serious about trying to solve the traffic problems we are having on the Sunday and holiday exodus with tourists using Waze and other traffic apps to circumnavigate the backup on U.S. 50.

We have had several meetings to address these concerns and we came up with a solution that would help alleviate what I believe is 85 percent of the problem.

Several officials wrote to Waze asking them to help and their response was pretty much to pound sand.

Waze did, however, say that if local jurisdictions created traffic laws they would abide by them. We have a unique situation up here with the “ag rule” where we can actually implement those rules. I have been working with the CHP to get together with the county to do this.

I received a letter from Mr. Ashton where he stated: “Based on the legal advice from County Counsel, it is my understanding what you are proposing is feasible. Would you be willing to participate in a phone call with our Counsel, Transportation Director, myself, and Lt. Lowther to determine we are all on speaking from the same set of assumptions?”

My answer was YES! We scheduled a meeting that was cancelled due to an illness and I have not heard back at all as to scheduling another one. I have contacted Mr. Ashton several times and spoke with his secretary and she indicated he would contact me, which has not happened.

I am bummed beyond words that Ashton and Novasel are apparently choosing to ignore the request of 2,241 Tahoe residents. My only suggestion is to contact them and try and have someone else get this moving forward.

I am giving up, throwing in the towel and giving my head a rest from running into that political wall.

Once again, I would like to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who worked on this.

Kenny Skibum Curtzwiler has been in South Lake Tahoe since the ’70s and he knows “where the bodies are buried.” Reach him at skibumfamily @charter.net.

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