Guest opinion: Tahoe Skibum’s Christmas coal |

Guest opinion: Tahoe Skibum’s Christmas coal

Publisher’s note: The advertisement mentioned in the following opinion did not violate the Tribune’s advertising guidelines. The Tribune would have run a similar advertisement for or against any candidate.

There has long been a tradition of giving a lump of coal in your Christmas stocking as a way to show who has been naughty and not nice, so I decided to give Skibum’s inaugural “Lump of Coal for Christmas” awards.

I know it is Christmas and we are supposed to be nice, so the first lump of coal goes to me for doing this at Christmas time, but I feel it has to be done.

Jason Drew gets a lump of coal for continuing to write letters where he blasts everyone for calling the Tahoe Chamber the Nevada-based chamber. We all know the Tahoe Chamber is a great organization — I am a member — but everyone calls it the Nevada chamber, including Carl Hasty (did it in a TTD meeting), Brooke Laine, who you endorsed, (did it in an interview with South Tahoe Now), and I have heard your own staff call it the Nevada-based chamber (several meetings I attended).

You also need to answer questions from your members, like me, when they are addressed to you. We all know we need to work together and move the town forward, and your continual berating of people who ask questions, legitimate questions, needs to stop. Take the high road and embrace the moment.

TRPA gets a lump as well. For years all they have done is talk about transportation. Now they have an opportunity to “do” instead of “talk” and they are just talking again. We have a property behind Raley’s that is going to be developed into higher-end housing for the wealthy few, which will create more traffic.

Turn that area into a parking lot and just add more BMPs (best management practices) to help the lake. Every major resort town — I have been to over 50 — has parking in the downtown area where you can park your car and walk around. Yes, they charge for it, but I don’t mind paying when I play tourist — it’s expected. You should be insisting that there be parking and forget about how to make the Loop Road work.

I am not against the concept of moving the town forward; it’s just that it is ludicrous to create a walkable downtown area when there is no parking either on the California side or Nevada side. I do want to thank Harrah’s for allowing everyone to use their parking lot, but if the Loop Road goes in you can kiss that goodbye.

While I am at it, get the motels and hotels out of our neighborhoods and put tourists back into the current motels and hotels we have. They are hurting economically. It reminds me of the Indian casinos, and how much they took from us.

The Tribune gets one, maybe two, as well. What in the world were you thinking when you took money for the full-page ad against JoAnn Conner? For a business that wants to be a community oriented friendly paper, that’s a hell of a start.

A large lump goes to the folks behind the hate ads, as well. It’s a good thing you are anonymous, but sooner or later we will find out who you are.

OK, I have saved my last and largest lump for Carl Ribaudo. For someone who pretty much claims they know it all, you are a real piece of work. I expect more from you, but we should have known you play both sides of the street and cater to anyone who will hire you or want your opinion like it really matters. You just don’t get it.

No one is against the concept of moving the town forward; it’s just that the Loop Road is not the complete answer and anytime anyone points this out or gives an opinion, you are the first to say, “You are against everything.”

Just because we don’t think like you (I don’t know many who do) doesn’t mean we are against everything. I have had some great conversations with you, but then you are totally opposite and condescending in your posts and writings. Kinda like mind over matter — we don’t mind and you don’t matter.

OK, one more lump for me.

Kenny Skibum Curtzwiler has been in South Lake Tahoe since the ‘70s and he knows “where the bodies are buried.” The opinion above is a portion of a column originally published in the Tahoe Mountain News. It was edited by Tribune staff.

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