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Ted Long: I may be controversial, but have track record of results

Our future and the future of our region will be decided on June 6. Our region is slowly being taken over by the rich, housing prices are already out of sight for the average person. Without serious change, this direction will not only continue but will accelerate.

In 1975, Aspen, Colo., was an outdoors persons paradise, where everyone had a dog and a pickup. Today there are no pickups and the billionaires are chasing the millionaires out. To those millionaires, Lake Tahoe looks wonderful – all the skiing of Aspen with a beautiful lake. To them, $500,000 to $600,000 for a house is a bargain; to buy three, four houses at those prices and tear them down to build a $1 million or $2 million estate is inexpensive compared to the $17 million price tag on an Aspen house.

Promises, and hope, will not change this – we need representation with actual experience, a track record of results.

With over four decades of business, legal and legislative history, I have the hands-on experience that will make a difference. I will bring common sense to the TRPA. By paying mitigation the rich can do what ever they want, including the poisoning of trees, while the little guy, the guy with property often miles from the lake, suffers. I will challenge the “one size fits all” mentality for a system that will allow a working person to build a deck or add a garage without years of delay and thousands of dollars in added expense.

Affordable housing, not as a good idea, but with over three years of work, we have real plans for over 400 new, affordable homes – homes for hospital workers, teachers, managers, fire and police workers; projects endorsed by both business and labor.

I have demonstrated an ability to produce results. As a member of the city council, the city’s finances have turned around, from debt to million in reserves. The city’s road budget has been doubled, and street repairs and overlays that have been neglected for years will begin this year. The city’s credit rating has gone from triple B minus to A minus, saving the city thousands of dollars. We are hiring for the first time in years, morale is improving. Funds have been made available to local charities and service groups to better serve our town, and we have increased recreation funding. All this was accomplished through the application of years of business and legislative experience.

Controversial? Maybe. Always open to new ideas and information. Always interested in the public’s view, I hold weekly public meetings at public places, and I do over an hour of social and political commentary on radio and television each week to communicate and inform.

I was selected by my peers as a vice president to the League of California Cities, President of the Local Area Formation Commission, (LAFCO) and president of Clean Tahoe. I also serve as a mentor to Family Services and treasurer to the Tahoe Art League, and I am the city’s representative to numerous public service and government groups.

We all want to protect the lake. My environmental credentials go back over 40 years. I see the issue is setting of priorities, priorities that address the worst problems first. I want to work on the most destructive first. I propose we tear down and replace old, dilapidated buildings with new affordable housing which will eliminate the run off pollution, while providing affordable, quality living conditions.

A new beautiful gateway for Meyers, a true welcome to our visitors, with a visitors center, environmental center and an animal care center. New parking facilities with light rail service to our centers. Fewer cars, less congestion, and less pollution while creating better public transportation services for locals. Today dreams, tomorrow reality.

In closing I would ask you not to make this important decision on ‘sound bites’ and ‘one line promises’ but to be informed. Please read my book and if you have any questions call me at (530) 542-3020.

I appreciate the opportunity to serve and ask for your support.

– Ted Long is running for the District 5 seat on the El Dorado County board of supervisors.

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