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Kudos: Thank you, Barton Memorial Hospital (opinion)

After fighting a fever and body aches for a few days, I decided it was time for a higher level of care. Thinking I only had the flu, because I had none of the symptoms of my 2006 pneumonia battle, I was surprised when I was quickly diagnosed with not having the flu. What was the diagnosis? Pneumonia and sepsis. In a very short period of time, bags of IV fluid and two aggressive antibiotics were dripping into my arm.

Though it was difficult to initially read my cell phone, once I was able to read a little about sepsis, I knew it was a serious — and life-threatening — condition. It was a great joy when the fever finally broke!

It didn’t matter the day or shift, the entire staff engaged a four-day/three-night battle on my behalf. Everyone provided exceptional care with great concern. Unfortunately, I’ve experienced two previous hospital stays elsewhere. The medical staff at Barton Memorial Hospital far exceeded the care experienced during those other stays.

With too many people dying from sepsis in years past, in 2011 a national effort was established to quickly identify and best treat sepsis for patient success. Medical staff at Barton Memorial Hospital attended these sepsis symposiums and returned to train the entire staff with a new action plan. Obviously, it is working.

Merry Christmas to everyone at Barton Memorial Hospital. I am beyond grateful to all of you because you gave me the greatest Christmas present I could ever receive — the gift of life.

Todd McIntyre

South Lake Tahoe, California