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Letter: Thanks to Ricky Reich and Lisa Maloff (opinion)

As the director of the El Dorado Community Foundation I am graced with a perspective, which is knowing the very best of people.

In a moment where we question what we are becoming, with some trepidation, I find myself blessed to always have a reason to focus on the very best of what we are and in pondering that my thoughts turn to Lake Tahoe.

A place of natural beauty in abundance. A place where your children are growing up, a place to call home.

A place of community.

Community binds us, it protects us, enriches us, enlightens us, and challenges us. The great community commons holds all these together, our hopes, aspirations and our dreams. Standing there with you on that commons are two people who defy what is impossible and with a single heartfelt action of kindness and generosity make so many things possible.

Ricky Reich and Lisa Maloff.

I have had the pleasure of meeting them only once, and that was very brief. However, I do not need to know them personally to appreciate the impact they make and to stand in awe at the extent of their giving.

I am aware that Lisa likes pink, and that Ricky knows how to wear a Stetson. I am equally aware of how they both have graced the community in embracing a truth, that by giving we are enriched beyond measure.

To you, Mr. Reich and Ms. Maloff, my deep esteem — you have changed lives. People you will most likely never meet, or ever know, have been touched and made better because of you.

You have provided the common ground without judgement, creating a place at the table of life for as many as you can. For me to say that you are living your legacy is an understatement, you are the legacy.

Long health and happiness to you both,

And one more thing … thank you.

Bill Roby

Executive director, El Dorado Community Foundation

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