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Tahoe Mom Talk: That’s a wrap, for now

Happy New Year! I hope everyone enjoyed time with loved ones and were able to connect for a couple days around the holidays.

With a new year, I’m always looking forward to a fresh start, to reconnecting with my priorities, and of course, finding balance.

Ah, finding balance. It’s that pie in the sky goal that I’m always striving for but never seem to reach. I have a hard time saying “no” and I’m constantly taking on more as a result. Between working full time, raising two boys and managing their schedules (hello kindergarten activities!) and finding time for my husband, too, building a new house, sitting on two boards and a task force, managing my blog and writing here, working out, volunteering, and finding time to spend with family + friends on my “time off” it’s all become a lot!

Don’t get me wrong, I love being busy. I love connecting with and serving our community. But my resolution for the new year is to be more present with my family. There’s so much I want to do but my children are only young this once. And I have to remind myself that there will be time to do more in the future, but for now, I’m going to start saying “no” to more and “yes” to less.

In looking at all my commitments, I’m finding there are ways to pare down my obligations and also make a choice to schedule in time with my family. I love social media and it’s a great way to document our lives, but I don’t want to be so consumed by it that I miss those special moments with my boys.

I want to build with them more, play with them more, bake with them more, and just find extra time to snuggle. I know it will be soon where they’re less interested in spending time with me and more interested in spending time with friends, so I really want to seize the moment.

Unfortunately with that, I’m going to choose to pause my column. I have loved connecting with you in the community. Your feedback and interest in what I have to say here has been so encouraging. Who knew that so many of you could connect with or gain insight from this column? Thank you for your readership!

I hope that this may inspire some of you to do the same in 2018. When looking at all of your commitments, are you spending time in the right places? Do you wish you had more time to commit to the things you love most? Do it!

Now is the time to make that commitment to yourself … to make less commitments! Or commit to the things that truly bring you joy.

Wishing you and your families and happy and healthy new year! Thanks again for reading along. I’ll see you around town!

Natasha Schue is a mom of two boys, wife and a full-time working, young professional. You can read more about her family adventures on her blog schuelove.com or follow her on Instagram @schuelove.

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