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Letter: There’s room for all of us at Lake Tahoe (Opinion)

Dear Editor:

(Re: Stop the fun killing, South Lake Tahoe is no retirement community published Jan. 10)

I have to answer that hateful letter from Tisha Sharpe about fun killing. Lake Tahoe was here for centuries before we arrived with our greed and ego and ideas for “development.”

The trees were here, and the fish and animals. And then the natives, let’s not forget. The comparison of moving to Tahoe with hoping to change husbands doesn’t work.

People move here with great anticipation only to find out the town is not quite what they thought it was. Each has a perfect right to speak up and vote for how we think the community should evolve. There are so many ways to have fun. I watched a squirrel in my yard yesterday. A toddler would enjoy that.

People are raising families here. People are working hard because housing costs are out of sight. There is much to be glad for. Just doing our life is pretty wonderful.

I relish syringe feeding baby chipmunks at Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care. I moved here for wildlife rehab. We have a wonderful library. We have a number of lively churches. I am writing a book. I take a writing class for veterans at the college with Mary Cook.

Now that Dr. Robertson at Barton fixed my trigger fingers, I want to get the Steinway tuned and see if I can still play. Jessica, my PT goddess, is a champion mountain biker. Other people sit by the lake to meditate.

Homemade soup with mozzarella melting is comforting. Ditto with clean sheets, or a good workout clearing snow.

There’s room for all of us if we can give and take so that one brand of fun doesn’t completely spoil another. Diversity, kindness, gratitude, respect. Easy does it. It’s the lucky ones who live to old age.

Mimi Routh,

South Lake Tahoe

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