To the editor:- $1000 for rent is outrageous |

To the editor:- $1000 for rent is outrageous

What has happened to “poverty with a view?” Over the past two years rental property prices have doubled. Yet Tahoe will always have down seasons where there is half the money to be made as busy times. Landlords are charging twice as much as two years ago for the same 60-year-old cabin with wet rot. Wages have not doubled, so how do these greedy landlords expect people to pay twice as much?

After living and working on the South Shore for 15 years, it is no longer affordable to rent here. The lack of building and the greed of the real estate industry is forcing renters to move off of the mountain. The real estate agents are sucking up the good rental property, making the only available rentals places barely habitable and overpriced. If you’re going to pay $1,000-plus a month it should be for your own house payment.

The roommate situation is seasonal for people during the winter. Young adults who grow up here ages 18-25 who would typically share housing in cities barely exists here. These young adults leave Tahoe to experience “city life” or go to college. If and when they come back they are ready to establish their own lives and are beyond the roommate situation.

When all the renters are forced off the hill I have to wonder who will work their jobs? People will not commute for minimum wage and gas at $2 a gallon. Also, there is not a close metropolis to bus people in from. It doesn’t matter how much they redevelop, they cannot change the geography. This isn’t Aspen, Colo. When employers cannot find good help to work their $7-an-hour jobs and visitors wonder why businesses don’t have enough help, they can thank the heavily-lined pockets of the selfish real estate agents and whoever is gaining dollars from the redevelopment. It doesn’t have to be always about the money, if we don’t let it. Money truly is the root of all evil! Let’s try to keep it simple and see the forest for the trees. Bring back poverty with a view and smiles to locals’ faces.

Janelle Smith

South Lake Tahoe

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